Sunday, March 2, 2014

Berlin, Germany


From Prague, we took bus to Berlin. It took us almost 5 hours to reach the city but we didnt feel it because the service was superb!! Siap ada cabin crew lg then every passenger boleh tengok movie/main game. Easy jet pon tak ada ok! :D

Then hubby's colleague who pursued PhD there came to fetch us at the bus station. He and his son guided us until we arrived at City Apartment Berlin. We rented the same apartment where they lived. Alhamdulillah, nice and cosy with one bedroom, spacious living room and fully-fitted kitchen..;)

We were there just for two nights. So we had only 1 day to explore the city..which was the next day..but unfortunately it was raining all day huhu..luckily our friends came along so it's easier since they know where to take us to the city tak ada buang masa baca map dan cari train mana satu..:D

But forgive me as i already forgot most of the places except Berlin wall! Hehe..itu yang paling penting kan..;) we managed to go to Berlin Monument centre to see the world famous wall from above. Quite interesting as we can see the wall as the border between East and West Berlin.

The rest of other attractions we didn't take too long time to be at. As it had a quite downpour so we had to make it quick. The last place we managed to go was Alexanderplatz. I thought it was more to shopping mecca..but we didn't come for shopping. We just took pictures only..when we're done we returned to the apartment.

That night our friends took us for dinner, we had nasi Arab i think..very delicious comes with big portion.! Thank you for the treat, Dr. Azrul (dah dpt PhD dan dah balik Msia :)) and his lovely wife, Hannan. So happy to meet you guys!! :))

The next day was actually Zafri's 2nd birthday. Before we fly back to London, we managed to celebrate at Hanan's. We bought several slices of various cakes while Hannan kindly made some main dishes like mee hun goreng. Yummy! Again, thanks alot Hannan. See you guys again soon! ;)

Lastly, tamat sudah trip cuti-cuti Europe last year. Tahun ni tataula sempat lagi ke tidak nak pegi..klu murah rezeki sampailah lagi. in shaa Allah..! :))


rostina76 said...

Wah dah jejak German....bagus2 masa Ada peluang ni la nak round negara org puas2. Xjumpa mek mama JJ ke?

Nastyna said...

Alaaaa Alexanderplatz tu 15mins walking from uur house jer, and berlin wall pun dekat sangat ha, tu la takder rezeki kebetulan we were away as well then kan. Terkilan jugak la tak sempat jumpa u guys. Hiope u had a good time here, errrkkk ujan2 mmg tak best jalan kan. so nextime easier la kalau datang lagi, dah tau mana nak tuju.

Farikica said...

Berlin oh berlin... bilelah dpt menjejak kaki ke sini..huhuhu.. bus from Prague yg u all naik tu bus ape ya nmanya?

nurbijen said...

Wah dah sampai berlin... ha ah, yg penting dpt bergambar kat berlin wall tu :)
Kami plan nak ke Europe cuti Easter nanti... dalam nak khatam tempat2 menarik yg Izu pergi...

ishamizu said...

Kak Ros

Tak jumpa , mama jj pon out of town masa tu :)

ishamizu said...


Ye ke dkt..alahai tade rezeki ketidak mmg nk jumpa uols takpe maybe next time kt Msia ke hehe

ishamizu said...


Sorry tak igt nama company bus tu but klu search bus from prague to berlin sure jmp company website bus ktrg naik ni mmg high review, bagus servis dia :)

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Enjoy ye this easter..;) ktrg this time cover up central london je kot hihi