Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Iris


It's getting harder and harder for me to update this blog nowadays. Whenever i try, there must be something or someone comes up that seeks my attention. Hehe you know who..

Anyway, it's already at the end of many things had happened. One of them was Iris's birthday! She already turned 5 years old on last 16th Feb..can't believe she's 5?! she's still look a baby to me! :D

She's so petite at less than 15kgs in weight. Huhu dia memang kurang makan nasi..perut kecik. Hehe. She almost in the same weight and size with Zafri too! And selalulah kena buli dengan boboiboy tuu. Kesian angah Iris! But sometimes she bullied her lil brother back and the fights begin. But at the end, she cried like a baby more than the lil brother..hehehe..

But Iris has a soft-heart always easy to be consoled. Also easy to forgive and forget..and of course the most generous in general including her tears! Ratu air mata nih! Hehe kalau tengah nangis sambil report kt ummi memang sah ummi tak faham as she did it in English :D Alhamdulillah rezeki Iris la dapat early education kt London nie. Hopefully in years to come she can master the language. Amin! :)

By the way she's athmatic, so she always absent from school. So her attendance is very low as 82%, but we still proud of her that she can already read before even she turns 5! Also she can write her own story though with not so proper spelling but for me it's a huge progress. Alhamdulillah..:)

As a mother, i always pray for Iris's good health, well-being and happiness. That's what a kid needs most right. Just please don't grow too fast..! Have fun, enjoy your childhood but Rajin-rajin ngaji after this to finish Iqra' 2 plak k..Hehe..

Lastly, Happy 5th Birthday, Iris! Sorry ummi lambat wish kt sini..but i really love you so much darling same as i do with your big sister and lil brother..hehe :)


rostina76 said...

happy birthday my dear lovely Iris….wah terernya Iris dah blh read & write as early as 5. may Allah grant u with good health. btw bag ratu air mata tu sama dgn k.anis (2nd juga tu)

Yang Bersinar said...

such a sweet birthday girl! semoga menjadi anak yang solehah :)

Nastyna said...

She will always be mommy's baby la, dont worry hehehe. And Happy Belated birthday Iris, moga panjang umur and sihat sejahtera selalu, may Allah bless u.

Mama Haraz said...

Happy birthday Iris! May you always bring happiness to your parents!

Such a pretty little girl MashaAllah.

Yong Is My Name said...

Happy belated Birthday Iris..
Aunty Yong loves you!!

nurbijen said...

Happy belated birthday to Iris...
Bila baca pasal Iris, it remind me to Aisyah... mcm sama jer perangai mereka berdua.... Ke anak no 2 ni mmg manja lebih sikit? Selalu juga Aisyah kena buli dgn Danish.... huhuhu