Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pray For MH370


It's already more than 24 hours our MAS Boeing 777 MH370 aircraft went missing. It's absolutely a shocking news..and even more devastating to all the crews's and passengers's family and relatives. 

There were 239 passengers including 2 babies and 12 crews on board. How sad to hear..our thoughts and prayers are always be with their family and relatives. :(

As a Malaysian let's be united to do solat Hajat and pray for the best. Please share the positive hopes not the negative comments.

Lastly may Allah give HIS sign and guide to find them as soon as possible. Amin..!


Irfa said...

semua dlm mood sedih menanti mh370 balik, tp ada jugak yg jadikan ia sebagai bahan lawak ;(

ishamizu said...


I sad, right. :(

Yong Is My Name said...

InsyaAllah InsyaAllah.. Allah bersama-sama Hambanya selagi mana hambaNya mengingatiNya...

#masih sayu sedih bila rakyat sendiri memburukkan negara sendiri..