Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bicester Village Again


Actually, we were not planning to go to Bicester Village until our guests requested us to go couple days ago. Anyway, it was my pleasure! haha. So we went there after school around 3.30pm..

We arrived at the famous chic outlet at 5pm, after 1 hour and half driving. All the way there Zahin was crying, frustrating that she cannot sit beside me. Hmm zahin, zahin..big jealousy there. :D

We arrived there at 5pm, still had 2 hours before it close. I really hope it enough for kak Fauziah to do shopping. For us, we didn't buy much, just a new sling bag for me, a chidren baking set for iris and a pencil colour set for Zahin at Cath Kidston. :D

It was freezing cold, very hard for the kids. So hubby stayed with Zahin and Zafri in the van while Iris accompanied me window shopping. I managed to enter Burberry, Kate Spade and Tods only..Tods because kak Fauziah happened to be in there ..otherwise i will not there to go into the boutique. :P

Anyway kak Fauziah bought two handbags at Tods and Prada, purses and wallets at Michael Kors and Ted Baker for her daughters, husband and son..glad that she was satisfied with the shopping because i was worried if two hours were not enough. hehe.

After shopping, kak Fauziah wanted to take photo with us..and then asked hubby to find any halal restaurant nearby as she wanted to treat all of us dinner for taking her and her son to Bicester Village. Aww, so generous of her. :)

Then we finally found Halal indian restaurant at Oxford city center and had a very lovely dinner with Chicken and Lamb biryani, fish fingers and fries for the kids, other side dishes that i don't remember their name. Zafri was a little bit cranky by that time in the restaurant. He threw things, he cried for me, refused to sit in the baby chair. He wanted to sit on my lap..

i think he was restless and awkward to be seated afar from me between hubby and Hamza, kak fauziah's son. hihi..nak buat macam mana Zafri, Along and Angah dah berebut nak duduk sebelah ummi dulu..:)

Anyway, we had fun. After thanking kak Fauziah, we went home. :)


Mixed-family in da house.... said...

Wahwahwah...umi menjadi rebutan....macam tu lah kids kan, mereka dh pandai jeles. Amzar pun, kalau abang dia dtg dekat mummy, bisinglah mulut dia membebel sambil terhegeh2 datang dkt mummy jugak. Itu belum 2 thn lg umur tu, dah terserlah sifat kejelesan di situ.....hihihihi

Ninie Hanis said...

Seronoknya sopink..lama xpegi Bichester Village. Seronok masuk kuar kedai dia yg kiut.

ishamizu said...


Yup Dinie..samalah Zafri ni pon belum masuk 2 thn lagi tapi dah pandai jeles..:D penat ummi ni nak layan hehe..

ishamizu said...


Betul tu..hehe. next time ada rezeki nak shopping, ni akk window shopping je. :D

Nadine said...

aaaah, seronoknye shopping designer brands! :)

Mama Haraz said...

Shopping, a lady's bff hi hi hi Jealous!

Yong Is My Name said...


manyak jeleeesss...