Thursday, November 1, 2012



Time really flies! It is already November and i still have many stories in queue to be shared in this blog. Aaaargh wonder when will i manage to finish all of them with the pace i'm currently in..:( Actually i just uploaded the Summer photos at my FB so the idea and mood came along together to update this blog as well. So here we go! ;)

This story happened last august when my in laws were still here. See, how many months have been passed!!  Urghhh, my bad. Anyway it was when my parents in law were away for Europe trip, we took my sis in law's family to Mayfield Lavender Farm. My sister in law is also the fan of lavender so she's excited knowing that we're really bringing her there. :)

The farm is located at Surrey, about 1 hour drive from our place. It was a journey from East to West. The journey was not as smooth as we would like but anyway we had survived the traffic and arrived safely at the destination. :) 

But unfortunately we were among the latecomers. :( The farm was still have abundant of lavenders at that time but the time was not perfect any longer. The lavenders were not at their best appearance as the purple colour has been faded. My friend went there in july, the colour of the lavenders were absolute gorgeous, it's  still bright purple! How i envied her pics...she did not have to edit her pics like mine. :P

But just ignore the amateur editorial work and hopefully you enjoy the pics! :)

The Lavenders, though the colour has faded but yet their aroma were still nice. 

walking between the rows of lavender. the best therapy, indeed!

my beloved heroes...

My beloved princess, Iris. Though she's not feeling well that day but she's still sporting to give a pose. :)

comforting Zahin who scared the hell of the bees...:D

My babies. Zahin's still scared and then cried..

my brave baby, who really enjoyed himself at the farm. ^_^
he fell into the lavenders and the seeds stuck all over his jacket HENCE he smell  like Lavender for quite some time..hehe

hee, i love this kinda posing when i was alone with Iris :D

Again, pose manja ibu dan anak hehe

zafri jeles ummi berdua-duaan lelama dgn angah..hehehe

along, bila dipaksa senyum. :D


PEACE from Iris...;)

Iris & Lavender. Both are flowers. ;)

hehe mcm2 gaya..

 gaya tara kucha pon ada..hihii

happy chappy :)

A bee in action

lovely lavenders..

and lastly, the lovely us..haha. (credit pic to Izzahin Hisham. ;))

Till then, Wassalam.

P.S My sis in law's family's cannot stand the coldness, so they did not go further up the field with us hence no  picture of them here. Only one or two pics which i uploaded at FB. 

Thank you for reading! :D


rostina76 said...

comey2nye anak2 u sis. btw i wonder the field tu mmg berbau harum lavender ke? oh i'm a big fan of lavender as well. bestnye kalau dapat guling2 @field tu kan.hehe!!!

Ayuni Ayatillah said...

uuuu thats a big bee! haha. i pun nangis kalau tgk, takut! bee tu mcm dalam buku2, kaler kuning hitam. kat sini takde bees mcm tu ek..

comelnye la u all. suka tgk :)

Nadiah Sidek said...

teringin nak pergi lavender farm. sini tak ada..huhu..

ishamizu said...


Thanks. Ank2 kak ros pon comey2 belaka..:) Aah farm ni harum bau dgn tak kuat sgt sbb maybe lavender dh penghabisan. agaknya dah tua kot..bau dia pon dah tak kuat sgt. tp sy suka bau yg tak kuat ni, just nice and lovely. :) Hehe tu la sape tak suka kt lavender ni kn..dulu baca novel je..skrg pegi ladang dia. ;) tp klu dpt guling2 lg best, ni tak dan dgn 3 'handbags' izu tue..hehehe...

ishamizu said...


Besarrr dan banyakkk lak tu. kt mana2 ada je bee tuh Tu yg Zahin takut sgt tu..hehe..aah eh rasa kt Msia tak pnh jmp bee kaler kuning hitam ni..bee jenis lain kot kan..

Hehe anyway, thanks dear! ;)

ishamizu said...


ala siannya..ingatkan kt US ada jgk lavender farm gini..dulu izu pon igt ladang lavender ni cuma ada kt France, tengok2 ada je kt sini. hehe rezeki, alhamdulillah. Tak pe ada rezeki nti, giliran nadiah plak k. amin! :)

nur said...

So waktu yg sesuai nak ke sana bulan Julai ke? Lagi satu tempat dalam waiting list!

Geram tgk anak2 Izu posing... semua ada gaya :)

Hanis MY said...

syoknyaaaa gojes2 semua gambar, tk dpt g tgk kat sini pun dah cukup... ladang lavender jauh sket sr tempat i huk2...berjam2

lady lavender said...

semua gambar & models cantiikk :-)

kat sini pun tak pernah dgr ada lavender farm..

sitiezahim said...

lavender farm...mana nak carik kat dochland ni...huhuhu

CIK Y O N G said...

nice shoot..
cik yong tengok jea la lavendar farm jea, keek sini ada lavendar perfume jea la gamaknya ;-)..

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Hehe thanks. Anyway, better call dulu tny when is the best time to visit sbb setiap tahun bbeza2 kan cuaca. Tak menentu jd tak berani ckp bln Julai or not utk next year. Huhu

ishamizu said...


Sy pon samalah..tgk Jepun dpd blog Hanis ;)

ishamizu said...


Hehe kene pergi France la nmpknya..dkt dgn Dochland! :))

ishamizu said...

Cik yong

Thanks. :)

Hihi lavender perfume pon boleh..sama je kn ;)

mummy alisha said...