Monday, July 9, 2012

Bonding Time

Bonding time between Father and son.

So sweet..I really love the photo. The best shot i've ever had this week! Hehe.

Being a housewife, i have 24-7 to be with my kids. I'm truly blessed. Alhamdulillah. Though it was a tiring job and i did whine on and off but believe me it is still the most satisfying and sweetest job in this world. Masya Allah. :)

Dont get me wrong, After i graduated I got a job as a system enginneer at one of the biggest telecommunication company in the world but it's just for a while. I resigned, hated the superior and the working environment. Hubby who worked in the same company also resigned. We never regret at all. Hehe.

Since then, i stayed at home. I got pregnant with Zahin, Hubby got a new job and then furthered his master study in Coventry. So i followed him and when we returned to Malaysia, i got pregnant again. Rezeki :D. After i gave birth to Iris, i had a chance to be a teacher based on 6 months contract. Again, it was rezeki. When the contract ended, i was a bit dissappointed when they did not renew the contract. But Looking at the bright side, i got to take care my doters 24-7 back. Iris got direct breastfeeding again all the time And they were much much healthier under my care. Not longer aftet that, we got a good news, that hubby got offer to do his phd at oversea again and i got pregnant as well! more rezeki..alhamdulillah.

Now as hubby is on study leave, he gets to spend more time with us. He will be at home if not going to uni. My son adored him so much. Because it's hubby who helped me taking care of him during my confinement period. No Tok Mak, or other. when i go to class, hubby took care of him. We did not trust any babysitter plus it's damn expensive. So Both hubby and son are very much close. ;) Hubby loves to know the fact that his son wants him. before this our daughters always prefer me more than him. Hehe.

But now I'm thankful to God that we are away here. Just us. We had so much time to spent together. Hope to cherish every moment left as much as we can before we return to Malaysia. Glad that my kids now has this kinda string-attached to hubby. Love to see everytime they bond to each other. It's amazing!

Everyday, Babah will walk Zahin to school. Everynight, Babah's hands will be Iris's pillow. Every day and night, Babah will be buddy2 with Zafri. Hehehe.

Syukur alhamdulillah. Though there are ups and downs, but as long as we have each other, we couldnt be happier. Of course If God's willing...amin!


sitiezahim said...

betul tu. seronok jugak jauh di perantauan ni. hanya kita dan famili kecil kita :D

ishamizu said...


Betul2. Hehe. Kt Msia nti masing busy dgn keje n kenduri sanak saudara. Kt sini jrg2 kenduri..hehehe.

Nadiah Sidek said...

betul, memang seronok duduk rumah walaupun kadang-kadang pening kepala dengan ragam anak-anak. haha..

dyana "his other half" said...

1. Do agree with u, that picture totally awesome!

2. Yes, jadi housewife memang the best job in this world kan. Mama CD pun berhenti kerja when I was in standard 1 sebab nak concentrate on my studies. Masa tu CD dah start main2 bila belajar. Baru standard 1 and she's already all serious. huhu.

3. Rasa sweet je Zafri adored babah dia :).

4. Memang ada pros n cons dok jauh ni kan. Dapat spend time with our own immediate family only memang PRICELESS. Kalau dok dekat memang susah nak dapat macam tu.

ishamizu said...


Setuju! Hehe

Ni igt nk build career bila blk Msia nti tp mcm berat hati je huhu. Will see how..insyaAllah.

ishamizu said...


1. Tq. Main snap je cpt2 takut the next minute zafri dh tak stay with that position. Hihi

2. Wah ic. Untung CDee mak CD tak keje n jaga uol and hasilnya mmg bbaloikn ;) ni pon blk Msia igt nk keje tp tatau la lg mcm mana..tak keje pon tak bley, financial tight. Huhu..will pray for the best fr Allah. InsyaAllah.

3. Hehe me like it too. Tak semestinya ank llk rapat dgn mak je kn. izu suka biar adil :)

4. Hmm betul dear. Mmg ada pro n cons cuma tu la quality time with our own family lbh byk. And i likeee hee blk Msia nti mmg tade can dah la. hehe. Byk sgt distraction :P

roSebud said...

love this entry izu!