Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pass PhD Viva

Fr left: Dr. Pappa (internal examiner from Imperial College London), Dr. Leo (external examiner fr Loughborough uni, my husband and Prof. Dr. Andrew Holmes (hubby's supervisor fr Imperial College London) 


Akhirnya hari yang ditunggu telah pon tiba dan berakhir dengan sebuah kejayaan. :)

Alhamdulillah en husben dah pon lulus PhD viva nya kelmarin, 12hb Januari 2016. Masya Allah, Syukur dan lega sangat! I'm so happy for him as for all his hard works from 2010 till 2014 have been paid off! 

Heartiest congratulations, dear Dr. Mohd Hisham Nordin from all of us!!! We can't wait to fetch you at KLIA soon! We mish you hehe..

My Little Pony for Zahin n Iris

Spiderman pjs and London briefs for Zafri fr Primarks.. Owh I miss Primarks! :(

Bumblebee for Zafri

And for mummy..heheh

 Habis je viva en husben terus pergi shopping kt Argos. Haih Zahin yg bagitau babah kt mana nak beli my little pony diorang tue..kemahin! 

The next day eb husben pergi Primarks plak kt Westfield Stratford.. shopping some stuffs for himself, and for us. So generous of him! ^_^

Thank you en husben. Semoga bertambah2 rezeki lagi lepas ni. Ameen..!

By the way, Once en husben bg green light, barulah announcement dibuat kt my instagram then i shared it at my Fb as well. 

En husben tak ada fb so most kawan2 UIA kami ada in my fb friend list. So ramai yg like dan wish him congratulations. Same with some of his colleague. Then I told him and he's so touched by everyone and their kind wishes.

So, thank you so much on behalf of my husband!! Jazakumullah..may Allah bless you all and reward your kindness. :)



Fatimah Al-Attas said...

Congratulations to the new Dr and to his beautiful wife and kids who supported him through the journey :)

ishamizu said...

Thank you, dear! All the best in your PhD...may success be with yoo too! ;)