Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spring Holiday: Blausee, Swiss


Blausee or Blue Lake is one of the best of mountain lakes and tourist attractions in Swiss. I found it in most of the blogs that i'd tumbled on during my research.. All their pictures were stunning and attractive. So we gotta go there too and see it with our own eyes, hehe. 

Blausee is located in Kandersteg, about 45 minutes driving from Interlaken. Do not know how to go there by public transportation so if you do not rent a car like us, you must research on that ok ;) 

Well, the lake was in the middle of the forest which also known as nature park, we walked a little bit before we see the gorgeous clear blue lake. Subhanallah!! It was so clear and we could see trouts fish in it! Masya Allah so many of them..the kids were excited watching them in the water. 

The entry fee for adults was chf10 per person and chf6 for kids above 5 years old. and with that we could also go on a boat ride. We can't wait to explore the lake!!

Zafri and Iris was so delighted to be on the boat and happy to peek trouts from the tapered glass bottom of the boat. The boat ride was only 20 minutes only.

After that, Zahin and Iris got a chance to feed the trouts when the kind-hearted boater brought a pile of the trouts food approached us and let both the Eins feeding the trouts as long as they like. But I had to stop them you know..Hehe..

Then we went to find a private spot so that we could fill our hungry tummy. Of course there was a restaurant there but we preferred our own food and could save the money. ;)

On the way i managed to snap pictures of these kids too..of course without their permission. :P Glad to know that their parents were not near to be seen.. hehe i did not have a bad intention though

 And once the Eins saw this giant slide..and off they went to play! huhu kids being kids!

 And i took the opportunity to be hubby's model to pose here and there while they're playing...:D

 then we found the playground too..they had a picnic spot too..

 I had to force them eat and feed them while playing.

we found the private spot which overlooking the lake. So we ate while sitting on the bench peacefully...

 And we did not missed the opportunity to do some photoshoot here..^^

Our romantic photoshoot as well..:D Tq Zahin! ;)

and here are Hisham Angels :D

 when we finished, we used other route to go back to the main entrance. But actually it was a jungle trekking path and it's not kid/buggy-friendly so it was a very challenging route for us. :D

 But issokay, we really enjoyed it so much...because we could see the lake from other angle..subhanallah!

 And all of us managed to feel the's very freezing cold, afraid to dip the whole hands in it..

at first, Zahin was afraid to joined me but once she tried..she can't stopped it..hehe

muka puas hati dpt main air
 below are some of the lakeviews taken while passing the jungle trekking path...

the restaurant across the lake


and miss Iris jumpa lubuk ikan :D

Poor hubby had to carry Zafri who was on the stroller..

and now Turn Babah plak posing...:)

Zafri pon nak jugak kt sini...hehe sume org ada pic kt sini..ummmi je tak larat dah nak upload..:P

Zafri was sitting on the snow at the main entrance

Lastly, after went to the toilet and buying some souvenirs at the shop, we bid goodbye and went back to Interlaken. That's all. :)


Fizah said...


cantiknyaaalaaa pemandangan ni...warna tasik tu....aduh i am speechless! :')

εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Ya Allah.. indahnye alam...

faisyura said...

cantikkkkk sgt!!!! rase cam nk terjun je mandi hahaah.. ;P

psssttt izu looks sgt vouge n slimmmm.. mmg sesuai jadi model hisham hihih...

sitiezahim said...

macamana lah saya gugel tapi tak penah terbaca pasal blue lake ni. mmg ilmu tu luas kan? hehehe... cantik giler, bertuah u dapat sampai situ (jeles mode kih kih kih)

Eta said...

Cantiknya..mcm dlm narnia kan

Mama Haraz said...

MashaAllah such a wonder. So beautiful and I just love your kids, semua comel-comel je. Sangat photogenic! Geram!

Was waiting for this entry! :)

lady lavender said...

Awesome! Speechless tgk gambar tasik ni. Kalau tengok sendiri tatau la camana...

Yong Is My Name said...


Zafri so so cute on the boat!!
gigit Zafri

ishamizu said...


Mmg speechless. Subhanallah!

ishamizu said...


Indeed. Subhanallah..:)

ishamizu said...


Samalah, tingin nk berendam ;p ala vouge la sgt..hihi

ishamizu said...


Hehe biasalah tu. mmg selalu mcm tu..tpt awk pegi sy plak tak jmp. Bumi Allah ni luas sgt kan..masyaAllah!

ishamizu said...


Tu la dgn ada snow nya mcm dlm citer Narnia hehe

ishamizu said...

Mama Haraz

Subhanallah..indeed! Nway thanks dear! ;)

ishamizu said...

Lady Lavender

Hihi smpi sana speechless hanya mampu memuji pdNya dlm hati je :)

ishamizu said...


Yes, awesome indeed! Neay tq aunty Yong fr Zafri. Mmuahh2 ;)

Nadine said...

masyaAllah izu! the place is super beauty! i am in love!! :)

p:s bestnye giant slides tu. nak naik jugak!! :P

ishamizu said...


kan..? i'm in love too hihi

haha izu pon tingin nk naik slide tu jgk tp maluu..:D

Unaizah said...

~~ speechless jap!~~

Subhanallah!!! Breathtakingly gorgeous. Nampak dlm gambar jernih je air tasik tu. Mesti rasa puas dpt tengok real dpn mata.