Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Treasure Bag of Stories


Last weekend Iris's nursery had a library trip to Mayespark library. So Iris was looking forward it since the previous week when we received a permission letter to sign. She kept mentioning about it almost every day and even asked me to take her to library before the trip. hehe of course I did not take her there, i just did not want her to spoil the trip mood. ;)

The night before the trip, she went to bed early. I said if she did not want to miss the trip, she must sleep early. ;P And when the day arrived, she was first to wake up. She was all excited about the trip and off she went. Then when I fetched her, I saw she had a sling bag across her shoulder and I thought she mistakenly took someone else's bag! Apparently it was a goodie bag called 'My treasure bag of stories' from the library trip..;D

In the car heading home, she told me about the trip and the goodie bag excitedly! And when we arrived at home, after taking off her boots she sat in front of the door and started taking out one by one from the goodie bag to show me off. hehe...There were a pack of pencil colours, one copy of colouring book called Make your Mark, a two copies of children story books called Copy Cat and Don;t Wake the Bear, Hare! and a reading booklet for parents from BookTrust and BookStart UK. Thank you! ;)

Like iris, I was happy, myself! Who wasn't drooling for getting all those colourful illustration books with glossy cover?? Haha so I read for Iris and Zafri right away in front of the door (the door was close of course..:P) At the same time, took some pictures! But sorry it turned out upside down, i took it only using one hand with iphone hence the outcomes..and sadly my photo editor app didn't have a function to rotate the pic..:P

Afterwards, what else..attending my Iris who could not wait to colour her new colouring book of course..^^ 

Anyway, the goodie bag was such a good effort from BookStart and BookTrust UK to encourage children to love books and reading. A very great effort! Hopefully Iris can read by 5 years old once she goes to Reception this coming September. Amin! Right now, we will read the books for you, dear. Always our pleasure! :)

Till then, Wassalam. 


Fizah said...

iris is so adorable!! =)

Ninie Hanis said...

I love Bookstart too kak Izu. Fahim pun dapat goodie bag masa 1yo check-up.Kita yg teruja.

Bestnye Iris.Buku dia cantik2..mesti Zafri sibuk nak kaler jugak kan?hihi..

rostina76 said...

wah!!!!cutenye bag tu.byk plak tu goodies yg dpt.

faisyura said...

bestnyee g trip dpt goodie bag tu... bagusla idea dorg.. at least bleh encourage diorg to read kan.. ;)

izu.. tade ke video iris citer pasal trip ni hahaha suke sgt dgr dia citer dgn slang dia tu..

Nadine said...

bestnye iris! aunty pun teruja tgk your goodie bag..ehehe :D

anyway its a good approach, if buat kat sini jugak am sure lagi ramai budak suka visit library!

Mama Haraz said...

aww, that was so nice! Good motivation to keep their children coming to the library!

nurbijen said...

Banyaknya barang dalam goodie bag tu... Aisyah pernah dapat satu, tapi cuma ada dua buku jer dalam tu :)
Seronok anak2 dapat pergi trip, sama jer perangai dgn anak2 saya pun... kita yg penat nak jawab soalan yg sama :)

ishamizu said...


Thank you aunty! :)

ishamizu said...


Yup, best sgt BookStart! i like it too!! ;)

Hehe you'right mmg dia pon sebok nak mengaler jgk..:))

ishamizu said...

Kak Ros

Tu la banyak..so generous of them! :))

ishamizu said...


Zura dear, yup dear, bagus, kan..? ;)
Daripada benda lain baiklah bg buku..hehe

Haha tak sempat la nak record it dear..tgh bwk keta..;D

ishamizu said...


Aah kan..dapat cute goodies mcm ni mmg selalula kids ajak gi library..mcm Zahin and Iris la..hehe..:)

ishamizu said...

Mama Haraz

Yes definitely! hehe

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Oh ye ke..tak pe lah janji ada..tentu Aisyah pon excited kan dpt goodie bag! ;)

Hehe betul, ank2 izu ni pon mmg suka pegi school trip sbb pegi dgn kawan2 kan..sure lg best bg diorang..hehehe. Bagus ank kak Nur byk tanya..byk ilmu dpt gain..;)

Yong Is My Name said...

Bestnya goodies bag mcm gini...