Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Tentative


I just want to share our Europe tentative roughly. Hopefully, we can fully follow the discussed tentative. InsyaAllah klu tade aral melintang la kan.

31/3 (sat) - we'll be departing fr our house at 3pm. On the way to south england, we might stopped by Canterbury for short sightseeing before heading to Dover. Then our ferry will embark fr Dover harbour at 11pm.

1/4 (sun) - arrive at Calais, France est. At 2am. Then, we'll drive to Leuven, Belgium at 4am. Then will go sigtseeing at Leuven town at 10am.

2/4 (mon) - we'll be going to Paris at 8am. Have the wholeday for exploring the city. And will sleepover for 1 night.

3/4 (tue) - at 8am, will off to Disneyland. By noon we will start our journey to strassbourg. After short sightseeing there we will be going to kak Nana's house at Kaiserlautern, Germany and sleepover. (tq kak Nana ;))

4/4 (wed) - will go for sightseeing at Kaiserlautern and wish to go to Heidelberg as well. By evening, we will return to lokman's house at Leuven.

5/4 (thu) - at 8am, will off to Brussel. After waffles treat and belgian choc factory visit, we will continue our journey to Holland.

6/4 (fri) - will spend the day at Keukenhof.

7/4 (sat) - will visit Amsterdam, volendam etc. Then will return to leuven.

8/4 (sun) - free xtvt. And lastly at evening, will drive back to Calais to take ferry return to Dover, England.

That's it. :)

Smg perjalanan kami selamat dan dipermudahkan-Nya. Amin. Kawan2 doakan sekali ye..first time travel naik kereta ni ke Europe. Kereta dah servis, rule n regulation dah check n dah beli the car european kit as well such as sticker great Britain, triangle n first aid etc. Selain usaha, doa kami bertawakkal sajalah kpd Allah..mudah2an dijauhkan dpd any accidents or disaster. Amin.

Ps. Will try to update klu ada wifi kt mana2. Klu tak will update when we come back fr the vacation. :) Ok jmp lg nti. InsyaAllah!


Yus said...

wah bestnye korang nak pegi bercuti.... jelous kitorang... anyway semoga selamat semua ye... jgn lupa ole2 utk kitorang... hihi

ummi_ziz said...


Hihi insyaAllah klu ada rezeki. ;D
Tq eh doakan ktrg. :)

sitiezahim said...

fuh jauh tuh mengembara naik kete..insyaAllah semoha semua selamat, kalau ngantuk jgn lupa rest ok..dan jgn lupa tangkap gamba pakai baju holland kat volendam

ms.nad said...

seronoknya pegi holiday... have fun izu, hope everything goes well for you guys! nanti share pics kat sini/fb tau =D

dyana "his other half" said...

no other word may describe..."bestnyaaaaa" :).

yatispeed said...

selamat bercuti kanak2 riang!

Nadine said...

arrrghhh..jeles! best sgt!
have fun dear!! :)

ummi_ziz said...


mmg jauh..but fun. ada tpt kami tpaksa skip..huhu takpe..klu ada umur n rezeki boleh pegi..;)Nway, kmi dh amik gmbr kt Volendam..itu yg ptg..hehehe

ummi_ziz said...

Nadia, Cdee, Chik n Nadine

Alhamdulillah so far so good wpon ada tpt kmi tpaksa skip but we had fun. thanks!! :)