Friday, January 10, 2014

My Little Sunshine


Salam Jumaat, everyone!

If you're living in Johor (my home state ;)) i know some of you who works at government sector already cuti right? hihi new year, new arrangement..hopefully, everything works smoothly. :)

Anyway, today i'm sharing a video, Zafri's quite a talker now so we enjoyed recording him..:D In the video clip, you can see his hair was tied up. It was started when my girls trying out their new hair accessories..Oh, i went crazy buying all those cute hair bands, hair clips, and hats at Claires recently ( got discount up to 70% :D)

Seeing her sisters both with pretty hairdo, Zafri also wants the same! He asked me to tie his hair too..Oh i did after he cried. :P But I told him that he's a boy..boys don't tie their hair. Surprisingly, he said he's a girl because i tied his hair!! Many times..sabo je la that's why i managed to record it. hihi..and i never give up asking him to get the right answer! Eventually, he did say he's a boy! pheww tak sempat record plak..instagram kan limited time..:)

Ok, that's all! :D

Have a nice weekend! :)


nurbijen said...

so cute... girl sbb mami ikat rambut.... suka dengar dia cakap :)
Saya pun geram tgk sale kat Claire.... nasib baik anak pompuan sorang jer :)

εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Kiut rambut pokok kelapak. Hehehe haza pon klu masuk tmpt assessories rambut mmg melayang duit. Xtahan tgk. Nasib ade 2 instant gugurl hehhee

Mama Haraz said...

I really thought it was one of your girls hi hi hi comel, tak Tahan auntie! Mesti sbb dua orang kakak Haraz mmg never la kan, nak kita rambut je "no mama! No!" Hi hi

Nadine said...

Hahahahaha! Cuteness overload!! Zafri jambu la, tu yg nmpk cam gugurl! :)