Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kingston Upon Thames


I just realized that we didn't take many photos here. Busy keeping eyes the kids who were excited running around the place..especially Zafri! As soon as we arrived, he refused to stay put in the stroller, so we had released him.. ;)

Anyway, this is Thames River at Kingston that's why it's called Kingston Upon Thames..hehe.

There were many boats but the one in the pic above was the most attractive. Santa's boat, uols! But unfortunately he had fallen asleep while drinking otherwise i might try on my luck by asking his permission to get on his boat and take photos. i wish!

Anyway, it was good to get strolling along the riverside that day. The place was so serene..we enjoyed taking photos and watching swans.

Actually, Zahin and Iris managed to feed the swans. Luckily i brought some crackers! ^_^ Hubby had taken their pic and recorded their video using his phone but as usual it was tedious for me to upload here..:D

Till then, Wassalam.


Nadine said...

MasyaAllah Izu, cantiknya gambar no. 3 tu! jatuh cinta! and yeah, santa boat??! waaaa, first time tgk nie :D

ishamizu said...


Tu la the place was more enchanting during dusk. Subhanallah! Hihi creative la derg ni kan, santa pon nk ada boat ;D

Mama Haraz said...

The pictures are wonderful! I bet it looked better in real life la kan!