Friday, January 3, 2014

Kingston Street Art


Since we are going back for good this year, we wish to cover as many interesting town and place of attractions in London. Hee will see how..:D

Anyway, during browsing Cath Kidston website last December, i saw an advertisement about Kingston All Wrapped Up For Christmas altogether with a picture of red telephone boxes which have been wrapped with Cath Kidston classic Spot Red print! Cool ok...!

So after a quick discussion, off we went to Kingston a week before Christmas. Hehe..

The street art is called 'Out Of Order' was built in 1989 at Old London Road in Kingston in South West of London. Initially, it consists of twelve plain red unused telephone boxes, which the first box stand upright, while the rest tilted to each other by various degrees while the last one almost flat on the ground. Awesome! :)

As we can see, my kids really enjoyed themselves as we granted their request to go by train. And the train journey took us almost 1 hour and half from East to West okkk..just so you know, London itself is so huge!! Huhu..

There is also Cath Kidston store at Thames Street, Kingston but i just knew it! But it's okay otherwise it could have done some damage to my purse..:P

Ok that's enough for now. I will share where else we went in Kingston in the next post. In shaa Allah! :)


Masitah Abdullah said...

Eta peminat catch kidston, comel kan produk dia,:-)

Akk balik bulan berapa?

Ninie Hanis said...

Hepi new year kak izu!

Wowiee..that was awesome! Sebijik cam cath kidston gift wrapper. Anak2 kak izu yg comel2 tu sure seronok habis dpt jln2 kan.

ishamizu said...


Mmg comel sgt CK! Gerammm. Hihi

Oh balik tak sure lg bulan brp eta..tgu husband akk confirmkan nti. Akk ikut je..:)

ishamizu said...


Happy new year too! Dah balik sini ke blom? ;)

Hihi awesome! Kids mmg seronok sbb dpt naik train ..mujurlah semua ok sbb sejuk jgk haritu huhu..

Mama Haraz said...

They are so cute! Tapi bila picture dengan your husband, semua serious je hi hi hi

Nadine said...

I heart all the photos. Your kids are so cute lah izu!!

ishamizu said...

Mama Haraz

Haha diorang dah penat tu sbb dah last2 baru amik gambar dengan Babah plak. :D

Nway Tq! ;)

ishamizu said...


hihi thanks dear..haritu diorang mmg mood happy till the end..:D