Sunday, July 17, 2011


It has four sessions which are listening, reading, writing and speaking. All of them were carried out on the same day.

All candidates were divided into smaller groups according to their first letter of surnames. Hence, I was in A-M group! Of course I was the only Malaysian but was thought from China by one of them. Hihi.

Btw the first three sessions were fine even though the passages in reading test were quite difficult but I managed to answer all of the forty questions. Although I'm not sure if I got them all corrects but I feel relieved.:P

In writing test, I expected a letter in task 1 but it was a summary of a chart!fortunately, I still remember how to do it and I guess I was lucky because I think it is easier than a letter. Why? It is because there are four types of letter but usually, they will give only one task and we need to categorize whether it is a complaint, request information, job application or business type. It will definitely need more time to think compare to a summary. Just my 2 cents.;)

The second task was an essay. It must be done in forty minutes and it's more difficult with harder topic but in short, I had tried my best. Still I fear about my grammar most. Huhu.

For speaking test, I was briefly interviewed on my personal and backgrounds. I know it's a piece of cake rite but still I stuttered here and there. I can't help it as I was very nervous. Haha. Then, for 2 minutes speech I was given a topic about sport that I watched. Sound easy again but it went out upside down tho! Grr! After done with my speech, the interviewer asked few more related questions before I left the room with 'thank you for your time'. I remember the tips. :P

All in all, I already did it and no regrets! The result will be out in two weeks time and I pray I will pass it. Dear friends, Do pray for me k!

Tqvm wassalam!


Aliana Isma said...

I'll pray for ur success dear....:)

dyana "his other half" said...

superummi! good luck dear. mesti izu boleh punya :). lebih kurang cam kita amik english test masa kat UIA matrix dulu eh. im sure lagi susah kali ni.

kagum cd izu dah smbung master. cd ni baru hadif besar tu dah mengada2 penat la. tak mampu nak sambung master la. izu boleh jadi semangat tuk cd ni. hehe.

rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

gud luck dear..eheheh kelakar lak..yela kot sbb muka cam chinese kan...tu depa ingat dari China..:-)

ishamizu said...

KLong Isma

TQ Klong, really need and appreciate it!Lebiu, Muuah2.:D

ishamizu said...


Aah lbh krg mcm tu la tp rasa lg ssh..huhu..Ala biasa je CDee, CDee lg bley punye. CDee kan pandai..;)Izu ni pon sbb kene paksa ngan Hisham.act. dh brp kali dh rasa mcm tk jd nk buat bila dia dh byr Ielts ni rasa kene teruskan jgk tu pon tk konfm kn lg offer letter, tgu result dulu cemana..klu ok, klu finance ok insya Allah la start Sept ni.

TQSM eh dearie for your moral support, Heart u!=)

ishamizu said...


Itula dianya tp sy ok je sbb dah biasa dr kecik lg org ejek sy mcm anak tok pek(apek cina)..huhu..:D blum kira lg pasal nama sy yg mcm already ge used to it. Nway, TQ for your wish dear, so nice of u!;)

Frau Azmir said...

oooo ni la test nye yg nak gi hr sabtu haritu ye? dah selesai dah pun :) all the best sis, I'm sure you've passed the test :)

ishamizu said...


Dah dpt result. :) TQ, TQ!