Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eureka Harrods. :D

Last month, we tagged along hubby to IC in South Kensington. We took Tube to save the time because it would have taken us two hours if we rode by car. (Londoners could not stand the traffic jam in the heart of London. :P)

After one hour journey, we finally reached the South Kensington Station. SK Station has few exits so this time we stopped at another exit which was farther than our previous visit. From the station, we had to walk about 1/2 miles before reached IC. But, when hubby went to see his SV, I chose to wait  inside the British Science Museum. It was under renovation, but luckily it was still open to the public and free admission!  Since that’s my first time handling Zafri and Iris alone apart from home so I could not enjoy the visit. Most of the time, I chased Iris while pushed his baby brother in the stroller around the museum. Therefore I did not dare to take out my camera and ended up with no photos at all. Huhu.

After hubby came up, I feel so relieved. Then, when he said let's go to Harrods, I was over the moon! Hehehe. Actually, it’s just more to window-shopping. We knew we could not afford (yet) to shop in there but for me, we should at least visit it once. It seems unbelievable if we do not go to Harrods especially when we live in London. Heheh. Actually, I was so curious.  Come on, it’s one of the famous shopping paradise in the world. hehehe. And to be honest, we never regret visiting Harrods that day. The staffs were warm and friendly and their service was excellent! They welcomed and greeted us nicely. The Sale assistants approached everyone equally. And I still remember being approached by one of the Sales Assistant in Perfume department. He’s so kind approaching me and then sprayed with Fendi new edition perfume. I guessed I was lucky to get the free and the sweetest fragrance I’ve ever smelled even I did not buy it. I even did not dare to ask the price!! Hehehehe.

Nway, Harrods building is so magnificent and I am not sure how many levels it has. We lost in it. I checked in Google,  there are 5000 staffs work in Harrods.  Can you imagine it. Huhuhu. Since it was almost noon, we were running out of the time and rushing. Pukul 3.15 nak amik Zahin kt school. So, at least pukul 1.45pm dah kene btolak balik ke Stratford. So we just touch n go their departments butlucky enough to find the Lady Diana and Dodi al fayed’s memorial. Also we managed to devour the super delicious gelato ice cream at the Ice Cream Parlour. It was a treat for our darling Iris who was well behaved that day. ;) Then, she also got a chance to pose with the two gigantic Paddington Bears!! They were so super duper cute! Hehe. Then, we bought a fridge magnet of London Black Cab which has written Harrods on it and  Chocolate Harrods as souvenirs before we go back home. Jadilah kannn. hehehe..Insya Allah Next time ada rezeki kita dtg lg dgn along Zahin plak. Ada rezeki lebih lg, kita shop2 lebih jgk. Amin!. Hehhehheh.

Now, enjoy the pics! :)

at Victoria & Albert Museum London

Iris posed near the double deckered bus :)

Eureka Harrods.

in the elevator

Sphinx pon ada

The Diana & Dodi Memorial

Jom makan ice cream! :D
bayar babah, jgn tak bayar. hik2

yummilicious cappucino n strawberry ice cream..nama penuh dan glamour tak igt dah..

Longchamps. Price from as lowest as 43pounds. Tgu i dtg next time k..masa sales perhaps? ;D

My Hisham Sr & Hisham Jr <3

My baby girl with Paddington Bears <3
last but not least,  Xmas mood already..cantikkan?

with Zafri. Zara pon tak sempat masuk padahal sebelah Harrod je..
Ok last one  before we take Tube at Knightbridges station behind.
Till then Wassalam. :)


yatispeed said...

huwaaaa izzuuu..meronta2 nya kakak nak terbang ke sana...!! semua kedai barang yang izu tunjuk tu, izu ingat kat kakak tak? hahaha...comelnya zafri n iris on the road...and again, the paddington bear! kalau kakak jumpa, mmg kakak peluk bear tu..hehe..kirim salam hisham..makin hensem dan tough byk berjalan kat sana..hahahaha!miss u all so badly!

Nadine said...

bestnya Harrods! Izu tau, angan2 Nadia klau dpt jejak kaki ke London, one of d places that I wanna go is Harrods tau! Bkn nak shopping pun sbb tau chocolate kt sana pun blum tentu mampu kn...hihihi. cuma teringin nk masuk :)

skang ni dpt melawat mini harrods je la yg kt klcc tu..haha!

faisyura said...

izu.. seronoknyee jenjalan kat situ... same comel lah iris, zafri ngn bear2 kat situ... ;) aunty paling sukeee la iris pakai flower yellow tu... sweet! and ummi punye scarf pun cantik sgt! hihihih

sitiezahim said...

murah jugak ek henbeg tuh...hihihi

ishamizu said...

Kakak mari2 dtg thn dpn k..klu kakak ada, izu ada geng nk peluk jgk bear2 tu! Hahahaa mak2 nk buang tebiat kjp :D

Kan? Klu mcm tu bolehla jln2 sll lg..;D tp yg tak best tu pulus lak tak hensem n tough lg. Heheheee

ishamizu said...


Samalah merasa masuk Harrods kan, puas hati dah wpon tak shopping. But, i can guarantee that you still can afford to buy the chocolates there n maybe more than what we bought that day ;)

Hihi Haah kt klcc pon ada Harrods gak kn..pnh pegi gak, curlass gak cuma tak sebesar sini je la kn ;)

ishamizu said...

Zura darling

Best tp no ka-cing la so window shopping je hihi. Tp at least smpi n masuk jgk Harrods kan dpt la iris posing dgn bearbear tuu. Hihi. Nway tq zura, tu cekak rambut tokmak yg belikan..scarf umi cantik? Hihi scarf biasa2 je ganti mafla. :)

ishamizu said...


Yup dear, murahkann..Mcm 43hinggit je. :P tp tu lah blom ada rezeki lg nk beli, budget byk lari bln ni sbb nk pdh rumah, repair keta n so on. Hrp2 ada rezeki sy la next time amin! :)

rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

besnye tgk tempat org kan...
makin comel boboiboy tu geram tgk!

ishamizu said...


Sementara ada peluang tu kan..ketidak tak jln pon ke central tu wpon nama je dok London! Hihihi nway, tq, kjp je kn masa blalu. Tup2 dh bsr dh bb2 kita. :)

dyana "his other half" said...

Bestnya jalan2 kat harrods. Cd lak teringin nak beli shopping bag dia yg lebih kurang mcm recycle bag tu. huhu.

Iris makin comel la. Mcm mini zahin kan. Siap cekak flower lagi. I likeeee. Hehe. And zafri tembamnya! Geram tgk pipi dia.

ishamizu said...

CDee, ada eh recycled bag harrod? Izu tak perasan plak aritu tp klu perasan pon blom tnt beli. Hihi..klu ada best jgk sbg tanda kenangan kan..:)

Haah dear, sekali tgk iris dh mcm alg dia, dah la suara pon sama. Klu call family kt msia derg sume sll confuse now iris ke zahin yg ckp. Hihihi. Nway tq CDee..iris ni thn lama jgkla pki accessories, tadela mbazir kita belikan. Nway ur time will come soon rite..;)

Mama said...

darl...memang cantik lah harrods ni...last time when i was in uk...i x pergi...sebab....x time insyaAllah...

ini kalau haris n aisyah see the peddington bear ni...mahu pengsan...they just looooove that bear!!

yusparisa said...

lalimmm, comey ummi zafri & bam bam zafri, cute, nanti sale sopim jgn x sopim handbag tu, nanti blk m'sia xnyesal...hihi..

ishamizu said...


Bkn haris n aisyah je yg suka, kita yg mak2 ni pon suka gak! Haha. InsyaAllah Ct, ada reEki nti korg smpila Harrods.;)

ishamizu said...


Tu la kan..mst beli nti time sales. Tp sales thn bila tu tatau la hahaha..tgk la ada rezeki bleyla beli sebijik :D