Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Beloved Septemberians :)

TQ for the creative magnetic pic pressie from aunty Niza, Sofia n Yohan :)

Every year, September is the month that i celebrate birthday of the loves of my life. They are my eldest daughter (17th), my darling husband (20th) and then my father (28th) which is tomorrow! Hehe.

Since this year, Zahin turns 5yo and 17th fell on saturday i thot why not i cook extra n special n then invite friends to come to our house. Luckily my husband agreed and i started texting our close friends who lives nearby. (7 family but 2 couldnt make it)

I tell you it was pretty hectic preparing and cooking the dishes alone. (hubby helped on house keeping. Tq darling! Xo) I started as early as 6a.m and finished around 2p.m. Er surrender ok!:P nway, the main course were nasi minyak pink, beef beriyani, choc. Moist cake (b'day cake), baked macaroni, pudding custard and cocktail gravy. Phewww, mcm nk pengsan!:D

Yus, K.Ana and K.Ibah with kids :)
Around 3p.m, yus n family came. She kindly helped cooking kuew teow goreng( tetiba rasa mcm msk tak cukup lak haha tq dear!;)) then one by one guests coming until 10p.m. Tetamu plg jauh dtg ialah Sarah n family fr Southampton. Alhamdulillah, tq for coming guys!! Really appreciate all the potlucks n bday gifts! tqvm on behalf of Zahin. :)

Niza n me with our sons ;)
Bday along, tp angah pon dpt hadiah gak :) (sori gmbr tk ikut turutan..malazzz punye psl Ngee)
spt yg dijanjikan babah, dpt hello kitty camera..(tp skjp je..patu tah kemana huhu) 
 Then on 20th, hubby's 30yo birthday ;). But hubby had a meeting with his SV in the morning. So we just celebrated hubby's birthday at the new megamall, the latest Westfield in London! Syok dah ada megamall kt Stratford. Hehehe.

Since ragu2 dgn halal restsurants yg ada, we finally tucked ourselves in with fish and chips! It was not bad..n i bought 2 cupcakes at Buttercup Cafe for the bday boy n girl! :d (which i yakin halal becoz ada tulis halal kt situ lgpun beli yg perisa mango n strawberry. And tell u what, its so yummy!! Hmm.

After that, i escaped to Topman n secretly bought a brown lethered wallet for hubby. U didnt see his face when i passed the paperbag. Hehe. I'm glad he likes it. Mmg brg yg dia nak since wallet dia dh buruk. Tp dia tak expect dpt on his bday lgsg. Pandai tak wife dia wat surprise? Hehehe

Aihh time is so jeleousing of me now. I wish i can tell more n upload more photos. Maybe later k..;)
Last but not least, happy birthday to my both darlings!! Wish u pjg umo, murah rezeki, sihat selalu, berjaya dlm bdg masing2. Amin. My best wishes n prayers are always with you and may Allah bless both of you always too. InsyaAllah. I love both of you, so do iris n zafri! ^_^


yatispeed said...

happy belated birthday babah n along zahin..from chik n family at puncak alam..

Nadine said...

Happy Birthday to Zahin, Isham & en. Murat :)

Moga apa yg Izu doakan dimakbulkan olehNya, ameen.

Izu, Izu mmg superUmi tau! bnyknye menu Izu masak sorang2, siap bake n prepare dessert lg. Salute hokey! Untung en.Hisham ada wife mcm you :)

mommaholicSURI said...

Jarang Izu buat entry tak letak gambar. Tapi tetap menarik dibaca!! Tambahan baca apa yang Izzu masak, uish.. terliur!! :)
Nanti Izu letak gamba pulak k. hihi

ishamizu said...


TQ chik..:)


Amin. thnks dearie.

Ala masak biasa2 je bolehla..hihi..


ni baru smpt ltk few more pics..:) nway, thnks!:)

Fadhilah Rozley said...

Happy Birthday Zahin!

ishamizu said...

Tq kakak Dhila yg sweet mweet :)