Monday, September 19, 2011

Back To Campus!

Otw to uni..:p
When i in secondary school, i had a dream to further study until PhD. But the dream had gone with the wind while studying in the university. (B. Computer and information Engineering was apparently not a cuppa my tea :P)

I'm very lucky to have a very supporting husband. ;) He was the one who re-ignited me to achieve my dream back. When the time for him arrived to pursue his PhD last year, he thought UK was the best choice for me to pursue my study too. That's one of the reason why he really wanted to go to the UK. ;) Also, he is the one and only who had sponsored my expensive study fee. Huhu 50K is alot lot of money but he simply said it's a good investment. (Hubby's KWSP + duit jual our gen2 car in case if you;re wondering :)) Oh, i'm so touched. Sobs. (Also Now you know why we didnt bjimba2 with money all these time. ;p)

My Uni is just next to Thames River and the London City airport is just across it ;)
Anyway, i'd successfully finished my induction last thursday. Yay, i've got my student id now and i've made new friends of course! One of them is Malaysian. Hmm. ;) The induction was held for a week but i just attended compulsory slots which were related to my field of study only. So the schedule was not that hectic. ;)

First day of my induction, i left my baby so reluctantly. Huhu I'd cried days and nights before but i suddenly braved myself on that day. UnLike me, my son was very strong, understanding and didn't cry at all looking at me leaving. As if he wanted to comfort me and my heart was melted. Good boy he is! ;) Since then, i've been relieved going off to university plus i know that he and his sister will  be in the good hands. Actually hubby got an offer as Graduate Teaching Assistant at his university but he had to let it go due to our babysitting problem. The perk is not bad but demi anak2 hubby berkorban lg. T_T (I dunno how to thank you anymore my hubby, still i want to thank you again and again and i love you endlessly!)

My son, just before i left..He's my strength!
So here i am, a master student! I'm back to campus but wont be the same as degree. i'm married with three kids so i have more responsibilities. I hope i can juggle well btween my family and study. I will try to enjoy my time and make the most of it. InsyaAllah, i'm not gonna let my hubby down. I will try my best. :) So, I'm ready for my first ever lecture which will be next thursday! Wee. ;) 

This first semester, i'll be taking two modules which are Internet Application and Web Service as well as Project Management. Checked my timetable, besides lectures i'm gonna have tutorials and labs too. Hoho. But, lucky it just assesed by courseworks only (assignments/reports/group project) so will be no examination! Alhamdulillah klu ada kuiz ke exam ke tatau lagumana..hehehe.

My student id :D

Lastly, wish me luck!:)


dyana "his other half" said...

good luck dear! memang kuat semangat izu. tambah2 ada supporter cam isham kan. cd dulu pun angan2 nak sampai PHD. bila dah kerja ni rasa cam tak mampu lak. but every year, fariq tak jemu tanya cd bila nak smbung study. huhu.

study kali ni duit sendiri eh izu? tak try scholarship ke?

anyway, you go girl! super ummi :).

blackcardomompods said...

Moga2 dipermudahkn urusan sb bkn senang bergelar student ank 3.taniah dan slmt berjaya.sya punya impian smpi degree je,xde semngt nk study blk

ishamizu said...


Tq my dear! Tu la klu tak krn hisham yg start bsemangat tadela izu smpi ke thp ni. Hihi. Ha apalagi CDee, fariq dh bg greenlite tu, jomla smbg! I know u can do it too!;)

Hmm haah hisham sponsor all. Aritu ada scholarship tp masatu tak amik ielts lg. So tak reach requirement..tade rezeki la nk dpt scholar..klu bley apply pon blom tnt layak izu ni hihi

Again, tqvm taw! Hugs :)

ishamizu said...


Tqvm for ur kind words n supports dear. I know mmg ssh n mcabar, huhu. Hopefully i can do it la. Will try my best insyaAllah. Issokay, u ada talent mcm2, ;) u can earn money with it. U can make business without master or PhD. ;)

YAH said...

u can do it! :D anak2 hisham jaga so mmg tak risau langsung dah kan.go go Izu!

Nadiah Sidek said...

lama dah tak ke sini..uhuhu. all the best in your study! kagum la dengan kawan2 yang sambung belajar. moga dipermudahkan semuanya..

ishamizu said...


Aah klu hisham accept keje tu mmg ssh hati izu ni hehe nway thnks yah! Goodluck to u too k ;)

ishamizu said...


Issokay, mst bz ye? Phm..;) alahai tq dear, nadiah bley smbg study gak apa. Take care taw!:)

azimah fauzy said...

tahniah k.Izu! tumpang bangga utk k.Izu dan utk a.Isham jugak yg xputus2 bg support. insyaAllah k.Izu dapat belajar sampai PHD nanti ;D

ishamizu said...


Tq dear, so sweet of u. PhD mls lg nk pk, master pon tk start lg huhu takut. :D nway, jomla smbg ima!:)

izza said...

izu, gud luck okey...buat pelan2, takpe..yg penting u enjoy ur study, it will make things easier..mcm kita gak stuggle between job and study, tp pejam celik pejam celik dh nk abis..insyaallah izu pon boleh...chayok..!!

ishamizu said...


I think i know who u are dear! Tq for dropping by my blog..and tq for ur morale support too. You're so sweet, masih sama mcm yg izu knl dulu. ;) nway, Keep in touch k..:)

yusparisa said...

lalim izuan,

gud luck tau...bestnya lah leh further study kat oversea, kena bersungguh2 sbb menghargai jasa encik hisham...hihi..bestnya..u can do it lalim, aku rasa kalau exam ni, otak aku pun dah tepu rasanya, tp tetap ada cita2 nk wat master satu hari nanti (xtau bila weh)..hihi

mommaholicSURI said...

owh!!! Hisham mmg so supportive!! Insya Allah, berkat doa semua, termasuk sokongan padu dari family Izu, you can do it dear!! Enjoy schooling!! :)

yatispeed said...

so proud of you...i wish u well in your studies, my dear izu..

dila~noor said...

kak izu..all the about you in FB mmg tak puas..skrg sy pun dah pulang ke pgkl jln n mule blogging..dan akan mule bogwalking mcm dl..heheh

p/s:bestnye dpt further study..summore husband pun tgh study momentum tu mmg tinggi kan..=)

Nadine said...

Izu, ur sooo lucky tau dpt hubby yg very2 supportive! All the best dear, i know u will excel in ur studies wif flying colors...chaiyo'!! :)

ishamizu said...

Thanx dearies!! Your comments are really appreciated!! Now tgh png2 nk krg assignment..Tp bila baca komen2 di ats it re-motivates me so much! Love u all..!:)