Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Iris Goes To Reception ^_^


Little Iris already started her Reception on last Monday. It was her first induction day and I was glad I've managed to accompany her. =) And of course I am as excited as her! Hehe.

First, one of the teachers ushered us to the classroom. This year Iris will be in RP class. RP stands for Reception Parmenter and Parmenter is the surname of the class teacher. ;) As usual here every teacher will have an assistant called a Teacher Assistant in their class. So surprisingly, the teacher assistant is Davinder! She was Iris's teacher assistant in nursery! Meaning, Iris knows her and already familiar..:) 

So when Miss Parmenter introduced herself to Iris, Iris seemed a little bit nervous but it was gone as soon as Davinder greeted her like this ' Hi, Iris Bubble'..!!!  hehehe. and guess what she even went hugged Davinder when Davinder called her for a hug. Hehe..sweetness.

As it's induction day, kids were free to do any activity prepared in the classroom while Miss Parmenter interviewed us parents one by one. I didn't go first as Iris quickly pulled my hands to be with her. Alahai manja Ummi ni..;)

Shortly after she went to a Kitchen section, she wanted to do some paper crafts. There i watched her showing her creativity and helped her a little bit here and there. Ok I've enjoyed it myself too!!  haha there were times ummi plak yg buat lebih2. Hee sorry Iris. i got carried away! :D

While waiting for my turn to be interviewed, I've looked around the class and I noticed there is no toilet inside the classroom but I forgot it's not a nursery where the toilet is in the classroom. Hehe. I really hope Iris can handle it. Amin! 

During the interview, i went to Davinder as Miss Parmenter attended other parents. Couldnt wait for her any longer as hubby waited in the car with Zafri. But I'm sure we will get to know each other soon. ;)

Anyway, just simple interview questions were asked such as Iris's preferable name, her lunch pack and whether she has any allergics or not and illness. It was easier because Davinder already knew all of it hehe. 

Then when we finished, iris played in the garden for a while before we went home. She can't wait for this Friday to come hehe. Oh I need to bring her inhaler that day. In shaa Allah.. So that's all for now. Iris will only start full-time on 17th September and the session time will be from 9am to 3.15pm, same with Zahin. Alhamdulillah..:)

To Iris dearie, best of lucks from Ummi, Babah, Along and Adik. Hopefully you will enjoy your Reception year as you did in your Nursery Year. We love you so much, baby! :)


Nadine said...

Looks like she's having a good time. All the best, Iris! happy learning :)

Mama Haraz said...

Comelnya Iris, besar dah both your girls. Mesti mixed feelings je, happy tapi sedih diorg besar cepat sgt hi hi

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Seronok kan kak Izu sekolah kat sini. Awisy pun bangun tido tak yah paksa. Pukul 8 dia bangun terus nak mandi dan pakai baju. Terus breakfast dan pergi school. Mommy dia pun happy. :)

Ninie Hanis said...

Iris bubble! So sweet her nickname. Awhh.. :)Kak Izu mmg best kan duduk dlm kelas preschool ni?

Btw,tak silap kalau ikut sistem preschool UK mmg camtu kot,sbb dulu masa mengajar dulu,contoh class teacher Year 1 akan naik sama jd class teacher Year 2. Reason is because the teacher knows the students well. :)

nurbijen said...

ceria muka Iris dapat ke reception... Good luck to Airis in her reception year :)
Owh, ingatkan sekolah anak2 jer guna nama cikgu as nama kelas... sekolah anak2 Izu pun sama :)