Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tennis Training


The Eins are having a half-term break from 18 until 22 Feb. Most of the time we stayed indoor but we went to the park whenever it is sunny. Though it is sunny, it is cold as the temperature still below 10 degrees C. 

But it is better when comparing it during dull and gloomy weather. At least we had sunshine so we do not want to miss it! This time i had a better idea. Instead of just playing at the playground, I suggested to play tennis. :)

Hubby and i really love playing tennis, used to play during weekend back then in Malaysia and also few times last Summer. So it is good to have a start and have ann exercise after so long, which at least made us sweat a little. :P

So this time we went to Goodmayes Park instead of South Park. Here, it has four court tennis while South Park only has two courts. We went to South Park first actually but the both courts were not available.

Actually, all the four courts at Goodmayes Park were not available when we arrived but afterwards we noticed the players at one court had finished and about to go home. So we booked the court quickly after them..:D

while hubby and me playing, the Eins also played in their own way. Yup, we bought junior racquets for them too. When i am tired and rest for a while, hubby had trained Zahin and she was up for it. Within short period of time, she can already serve and return the ball! Way to go, Zahin! Clap clap clap.

she was so determined and she did not let me play with hubby as she wanted hubby to train her more..hehe. As a result, Babah tak puas main...sebab kene train Zahin! :P 

The next two days which wa yesterday, the sun came out again so we went again to train her..she still need a lot of practice though..if she wants to be good at it...hehe..

anyway, as long as she has some exercise that will be good. We tried to persuade her to go for swimming  because she's Athmatic, but to no avail. I think she's not ready yet. hopefully she can have swimming lesson once we return Malaysia, in shaa Allah..


Ninie Hanis said...

bestnye dapat main tennis..kita tak pernah try pun.Squash pernah la tapi idok le reti pong.kehkeh..

Waaa..Zahin dah nampak tu minat dia.Teruskan Zahin..Gambate!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ishamizu, Wow! Good to know you and family play tennis. Your kids look great in the pics. Love that pic with the double backhand hit....she's good!
Maybe one day she'll be able to compete in school.

I like the background pics of the homes. Typical English homes.
We too had frigid cold weather....lots of snow too.
You have fun, keep warm.
Best regards.

Miss Anna said...

Izu and hisham play tennis!! Wah kak nana x pernah tau, boleh geng la ngan abg azme, die mmg suke giller main tennis, tapi x de geng je nak main kat sini. Akak pulak kureng tennis tapi badminton mmg my feveret ;)

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Kak Izu,

sukanya main tenis!! berangan je la main tenis sbb tak reti pun main. Tapi kalo badminton memang suka! happy tengok budak2 tu enjoy the sun. :)

Nadine said...

pergh! tere la izu, main tennis. i remembered last time masa form 1 at convent, tennis adalah permainan wajib masa PJ. i hate it because tak laratnye nak kejar n pukul bola tu everytime machine bola tu tembak bertubi2 :(

gaya zahin dah full mark, dah boleh pukul bola...i am sure in no time she's gonna be a pro! ;)

Ummi Salsabila said...

Blogwalking dan terjumpa your blog! nice meet u here,nice blog too :)

nurbijen said...

best nyer main tennis... kat sini masih berkabung sbb suhu masih sejuk, grrrr!
Kadang2 rasa kesian juga dekat Aisyah duk main skipping rope dalam rumah.. school holiday ni pun tak pergi mana-mana :(

ishamizu said...


Hehe ktrg pon main je..just have few strokes tak kira out ke tak..service pon sukahati je ;D

Nway, thanks aunty shaa Allah klu minat akn diteruskan . :)

ishamizu said...

Uncle Lee

Hello there! Yup we enjoyed playing tennis. Tak sangka both n hubby mmg biasa main tennis..i sll ikut my dad main tennis even until now my dad still playing tennis or jogging, exercise is good for healthy living..;) yeah if my kids good at it why not they compete in the future rite hehe thanks!

Oh yes, that houses are lovely. My hubby also love english type house..and always wish if he can build n have one in Malaysia ;D oh still got anow there? Awesome! Sini dah tade kot..want sunshine now on hehe

ishamizu said...

Kak Nana

Hehe abah izu sportman, besides bola sepak, he played tennis as well. Sll ikut abah main tennis and he coached us too tp tade la ktrg masuk competition apa kt muar manade sukan tennis klu nak jd pro main tennis kene hire coach which tak mampu hehe..oh abg azme pon main tennis? Hehe klu dkt hisham kata bole main sama2 :)

ishamizu said...


Hehe mmg suka, badminton pon suka jgk cuma kt sini mcm tade nmpk court badminton. Court tennis berlambak ;D aah bdk2 ni mmg enjoy klu pg park farah..klu tak sunny pon derg ajk gi park tau, sorilah akk nk bawak hihi

ishamizu said...


Takdela terer dear, pukul-pukul gitu je bolehla tp mmg penat n pancit jgkla kejar bola kanan kiri..hehe stamina tade :( wah bestnya sek nadia ada tennis time pj, klu izu sure suka hihi..

Hehe amin! Mtk2 zahin tererla main tennis nti..tak terer pon takpe janji boleh main tu pon dh cukup ;) nway thanks dear!

ishamizu said...

Ummu salsabila

Thanks for dropping by..your have nice blog too! ;)

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Sejuk lg kt today mendung aje mmg dok rumah je ni. Ala kesian Aisyah takpe tak lama lg panas boleh main kt luar. Aunty pon tak sbr ni, tak sbr nk beli swimming pool bg ank2 berendam kt backyard.thn ni mls nk gi public swimming pool ;D