Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Iris 4th Birthday


Alhamdulillah, our beloved daughter had turned 4 years old three days ago on Feb 16.

Since Feb 16 was on saturday, we went dine out on her birthday eve to avoid crowds. We chose to eat at Indigo restaurant, an Indian Muslim's at Westfield Stratford City.

We love the open ambience as it is situated in the middle of International Food Court in Level 1. We ate while looking at stylish shoppers. ;D

It was our second time visiting the restaurant and we had ordered two plates of plain rice with creamy buttered chicken curry, buttered Naan and Falafel wrapped. It was yum-yum..! Alhamdulillah.

Then, we had to separate as Ummi wanted to do some window-shopping ;p Babah brought the kids who wanted to play at Mothercare's play area..

After window-shopping, i went into Paperchase shop where myself stucked in there almost an hour. Haha got crazy with all their stuffs, so cute, sweet and colourful and i ended up buying Iris's cute 4th birthday card which had a green dinosaur holds a bunch ofcolouful balloons on it and some stickers..for our reward system. :)

Next, on the way to find them i went to Buttercup Shop to buy a birthday cake. The shop specialized on various cupcakes but they have whole cakes as well. So i bought the Red Velvet cake for Iris's birthday. £34 ok, kopak ummi nasib bahek yummilicious..hehehee

So the next day on her birthday, the birthday girls dah tak sabar-sabar lagi nak potong kek. So we cut after breakfast time..but mandi siap2 and dressing up for photo session and at the sama time sype dgn Tok Mak, Tok bah and mok su Nani..tp sekejap ke sbb line tak elok..huhu..

Afterwards, lepak-lepak je kat rumah tetiba Mummy Na call nak datang sebab nak visit ummi..Ummi kan tak sihat seminggu..demam panas sampai bengkak leher, sakit tekak, batuk selsema dan sakit kepala, complete package tok leh mkn dan minum which resulted to loss weight..bwh 50kg..suka mak!! Haha ssh skrg nak dpt bwh 50kg tp kjp je tu..nti skjp je naik blk surely! Nak2 dah sihat sepenuhnya nti. Huhu..

So Mummy Na and aunty Ibah sekeluarga did visit us after Maghrib. Mummy Na siap bawak sup ekor lagi and seperti biasa specialty Mummy Na..goreng mee kat rumah ktrg! Panas2 makan time sejuk winter ni sgt mabeles ok..hehe. I just prepared plain rice, ayam grg rempah and sayur kangkung msk cili and kicap berlada which was sesuai la lawan sup ekor. ;D

Then we just had a nice chit-chat until 12am..esk sunday org tak keje kn..;) and dapat jugalah merasakan Mummy Na and aunty Ibah sekeluarga Red Velvet cake Iris tu. alhamdulillah..that's all. Meriah jg la sbb sebelum tu along Zahin kata boringla birthday angah sbb tak de org datang. Hehe bertuah kan..

This year we purposely did not invite anyone like in previous year because this year we plan to make birthday gathering for along Zahin instead. She will be 7 years old in September. Because last year, we did not do for her, just dine out at Tinseltown's. (tak smpt update, later la ;p)

anway, Taking turns is important to save our financial budget. Hehe afterall we want to save for our Europe holiday during Easter Break in early April. In shaa Allah will share the destinations later2 la hehe.


nurbijen said...

Happy birthday Iris... jadi la sambutan simple2 sebagai kenangan...

Wah, nak ke mana tu?

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Happy birthday Iris! Semoga membesar bagai johan.

BTW kak, bestnya nak gi tour Europe! gegegege jelesss. kasi muat farah dalam bag akak boleh? hehehe

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Aah jadilah dpd tak buat langsung hehe. Hmm pegi mana? Hehe..nk pegi visit kawan kt Berlin n skalilah pg tpt2 yg blom pegi. To be shared later eh hehehe

ishamizu said...


Tq aunty farah yg ala2 model..hehehe

Ala jgn la jelly..awk kan nk pg Paris and Ams..tour Europe jgk tuh. Hehehe..in shaa Allah klu ada rezeki, doakan ktrg eh :)

Zulfadly said...

Hepi Bday Iris! bila kak iwan habis?

ishamizu said...

Thanks uncle Pali! Kak Iwan dh lama hbs hihi ;p tgu husben akk plak, maybe hbs mid next year..in shaa Allah..

Nastyna said...

Happy birthday sweety, belated already sorry. Have a blessful years ahead. Best of luck.

ishamizu said...

Hehe issokay, ummi pon update dh lmbt..by the way, tq aunty Nastyna..:)

Ayuni Ayatillah said...

Selamat Hari Jadi Iris! :) Semoga membesar menjadi anak yang soleh dan cemerlang!

Nadine said...

Happy birthday pretty Iris! Moga membesar sihat, bijak dan solehah *kiss*.

Umi iris, u look good in electric blue, berseri2! ;)

ishamizu said...

Amin..thank you for the wishes aunty Ayuni and aunty Nadine yg sweet..:)

Miss Anna said...

Happy besday Iris ;) moga jadi anak solehah dunia akhirat!