Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Wonderland 2013


I know i'm pretty late to update this. But better late than never, right?

Well, the heavy snow finally hit us on 21st January. It showered the whole day and piled up on the ground and the next day we had a winter wonderland! Walla!

It was heavier than last year, more than 10cm! So as usual, we already planned to go to the park if there's snow and we already bought the sledges for the Eins several months earlier..so we kinda excited to try snow-sledging. :D

So since the car was refused to start, we walked to South Park though it was snowing that time. I was a little bit worried since Zahin already claimed that her legs were cold but hubby insisted on going so off we went.

As soon as we arrived at the park, we found that we were not alone. Others were already playing snow and posing here and there happily.

The park looked gorgeous and loved to see all the trees which covered with the snowflakes. Subhanallah, really enjoyed the view!

And the most important thing, the eins managed to sledge! they totally had fun! Both hubby and me were tired pulling them on the sledges..but there's nothing than to see their glowing faces. :)

Actually, Zafri's sleeping in the buggy most of the time there but we woke him up at the end. he's not in the mood to play with snow so he cried when we put him down on snow. hehe.

all in all, we totally had fun and glad that we went there...alhamdulillah for this precious and beautiful moment..Hopefully, that was not the last snow experience for us..Amin!



nurbijen said...

best kan main dalam snow? gambar2 izu cantik2 la, suka sgt tgk.... boleh print dan frame kan :)

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Kak izu,

tebal betul kat sana ye, kat sini tak tebal sangat dan kejap je cair. tapi tetap belasah gi main snow. :)

Miss Anna said...

Izu malam ni lebat gila snow kat sini.. Harap2 mantain tebal smpai esok sbb nak creat precious and beautiful moment jugak hehe..

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Mmg best! Hehe. Nway, thanks..tak sempat2 lg nk print and frame maybe do it bila dh blk Msia kot hehe

ishamizu said...


Tu la ingatkan tak tebal..tgk mcm light snow aje tp sbb dia turun lama tu yg jadi tebal. Hehe takpe janji ada snow, wajib la Farah main ;)

ishamizu said...

Kak Nana

Ye ke..bestnya! Ok Amin..enjoy it esk k! ;) kat sini check weather forecast pon katanya ada snow lg but wallahua'lam..kt luar so windy and freezing cold. Brrr!

lady lavender said...

nampak dari dressing anak2 izu kat sana mcm tak sejuk sgt (errkk..betul ke??). Kat sini budak2 dah gaya kena bungkus. Winter suit kat sini pun lain sgt. Mcm suit austronot gitu ehehe..

Nadine said...


sukanya tgk! seronok main snow satu hal, gamba2 tu semua cun2. bestnyaaaaaaa!

*ntah bila lah nak dpt rasa ^__^

iu rf said...

gambas sangat cantik!!
jeles i.. =)

sitiezahim said...

bukan izu sorang je lambat tulis pasal seleji. saya laaagggii tak buat entri winter taun ni hahaha...ok nak kene buat gak ni hehe

ishamizu said...


kt sini mmg tak sesejuk Finland kot hehe..tp tu pon dh tak thn..:)

ishamizu said...


Hehe thanks dear, in shaa Allah, one day ada rezeki Nadia n co plak merasa main snow..Amin! :)

ishamizu said...


hehe don't be..iu n co punye gmbr snow dulu pon cun2 gak :)

ishamizu said...


ha cpt2 update..sebelom next snowfall coming..hehe