Friday, February 1, 2013

Parents Meeting


We had Parents Meeting on last 17th of January. This time the Eins meeting were held on the same day. So that day, Zahin's finished at 1.30pm instead of 3.15pm so that parents can start meeting teachers as soon as the school time ended. :)

The meeting with Zahin's class teacher, Miss H was at 3.20pm but it only took less than 10 minutes. :D Too short to take pictures of her classroom before the meeting. During the meeting, Miss H said that Zahin's doing very well and told us she's kinda independent. Math and Literacy subject were her favourite subjects. Miss H said Zahin always get full marks in Math subject and she also showed us her Math reports. Hopefully she inherits from Babah who is very good at Math. As expected Miss H also said she loves reading and so into writing nowadays. She now have a diary and makes her own story-tale. ;) But Miss H said only that she needs to focus more on Punctuation. Ok noted...;)

Then we went to Iris's class. Unlike Zahin's meeting, Iris's Parents Meeting did not by appointment. Parents can come anytime between 3.30pm and 7pm. It's just a Walk-in meeting. So as soon as we arrived at her classroom, we saw the queue was quite long! Long enough for me to take a lot of pictures around the classroom. hehe curi-curilah tapi. :D They have a strict policy regarding privacy so cannot simply taking pictures without permissions.

at Iris's nursery
Their coat and bag area, their reading, Math and IT corner. .

Iris's name at the coat n bag peg,  shared with Mahdiya who's in afternoon session ;)
managed to capture all Iris's work done at nursery and some were her homework..:)

For Iris, her class teacher said she's also doing good job. We also noticed her good progress. She can already write her name, Iris and her counting is much better..she passed her ABC until Z. Mrs. T, the class teacher told us that she gets along better with friends..but still she's quite..which really surprised us! We though she;s different from Zahin..but she's also as reserve as her big sister...hehe..

Other than that, we just discussed about her characters..when she is at home..etc. That's all..Mrs. T is a very easy-going person, we chatted with her longer than we were supposed wonder other parents took long time too! haha...

Anyway, we were kinda satisfied to see their reports. Alhamdulillah. Keep it up to you both, my darlings! Ummi and babah will always be there for you..In shaa Allah..


Ayuni Ayatillah said...

Bestla skool dia! Mahal tak kalau skool mcm ni kat sana Izu?

ishamizu said...


Hehe free je, tade kene byr apa2. Sekolah kt UK yg under government semua free, dear. Bestkan..patu nursery dia ala-ala playschool/montessori..pon free jgk cuma dia mtk donation 50pence for snacks. Tu je :)

nurbijen said...

Ooo, Iris sama dgn Aisyah la... kalau kat rumah, tak menang mulut nak jawab pot pet pot pet dia... masa kat sekolah, nak dengar suara mmg susah sgt - cikgu dia kata.

Saya ada tanya cikgu dia mcm mana nak galakkan Aisyah bercakap kat sekolah... cikgu tu kata, mungkin cara dia approach tak kena, so dia akan fikirkan cara utk galakkan Aisyah bercakap. Ke mmg org M'sia mmg bukan jenis outspoken? penuh dgn tatasusila, ekekkee

Latifah Suleiman said...

wahhhh..syoknya kak xtvt kat school dierang <3 mesti dierang rinduu sekolah camni bila balik malaysia nt kan..

kat melaysia nak dapat camni..ada jugak tapi tak dapatla free kot..hehehehe

Akak, kat sana sampai bila ni?

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya, i love parents meeting teachers. hehe. skang ni everytime amik hadif pun cd akan tanya mcm2 kat teacher dia. dah mcm parents hadif meet teacher everyday pula. huhu.

so glad that they did well in their school. insya allah mesti anak2 korang terer mcm korang gak ni :).

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

hehe boleh geng la Iris dgn Aisyah and Zahin too. Betul kalau kt rumah pot-pet tak berhenti..bising lak tu..kat sekolah senyap plak seribu kot, org Malaysia not as outspoken as the local ppl..:)

ishamizu said...


Hi Pah, thanks singgah sini. ;) Hmm tu la akak tak leh bayangkan macam mana nti klu blk Msia..sebab kebanyakan kakak senior yg dh balik Msia sume ada masalah ank sekolah kt msia..huhu hrp2 ktrg bolehlah handle nti bila smpi masanya. Nway, Ktrg blk in shaa Allah ptghn thn dpn..dah tak lama lg dah..;)

ishamizu said...


Hehe i think it's good. izu pon suka, salu nk tny2 sebab klu tny depa, depa jwb nothing, tatau..eei geram sgt..sabo je la..bila tegur why jawab mc tu, zahin esp kata dia penat nak cerita patu gelak..aihh sabo je la..

Anyway, amin thanks Cdee..

Ayuni Ayatillah said...

Wahh yeke. Tulah untungnya living in a developed country. Education is free and easily accessible. Huhu..

Izu, you study postgraduate kat sana, under sponsor ke u cari funding sendiri eh? Saje tanye...daydreaming ajela nak sambung studi kat oversea..heheh..