Thursday, October 20, 2016


Assalamualaikum and hi.
I am here to inform you that my youngest child, Zafri has finally started kindergarten so our daily routine have slightly changed! ;D
I have been searching high and low for a good kindy since we return from London end of 2014 but none had caught my attention until just recently. 

So it has already been two weeks Zafri at Tadika Al Baghdadi Furqan, Bandaraya Melaka.If you ask me, its their unique Quranic memorising technique and islamic modules which interested me to enroll him there. I'm not ambitious, but if Zafri could memorise Juz Amma i would already happy. :)
Actually, the person in charged told us that they already finished the syllabus for this year but they still offerred him a place if we want to try.
And glad we tried. So far, Zafri seems okay, never throw tantrums in a morning before going to school (it's what he called :D) or cries when we left him. Unlike his beloved sisters who made scene on their first days at kindy! :p
The teachers are also nice and warm and always give us good feedback too about his wellbeing at the kindy so i feel relieved to hear that. Zafri also told me what he did at school animatedly once i fetched him. He made friends with Iman and Imtiyaz quite fast too. So for me it's a good sign. :D
For us mothers, it is very important for a kid to feel happy and secure being at the kindy. For a stay at home mom like me who all this time take care of Zafri since he was born i got worried too much. But then to know my son now have awesome teachers and friends around him is such a big relief. Hihi!
So far, i feel satisfied. Though it is still early to tell, yet i hope Zafri stays looking forward to school everyday and have fun learning as well as making friends. That's all we hope for a start.
If everything is fine, we would like him to continue at Al Baghdadi next year before going to primary school in 2018 which we already registered him at St. Francis Primary School. 
Last but not least, good job Zafri! We are so proud of you darling! Hope you always enjoy being at school and please know that we'll always be there for you no matter what. All the best, dear! Xoxo. ;)