Tuesday, December 31, 2013

8th Anniversary :-)


I really miss blogging. I have so many things to share but am currently very busy with my online business. (Kindly visit my FB page: D' Eins Boutique. ;D)

Nway, it's our 8th wedding anniversary on last 24th Dec. We had a simple but terrific luncheon at The Grill Corner in West Ham. Never tried the gourmet before so we just tried our luck in there :D

We ordered lamb beriyani, meat platter, buttered nan bread, oranges for us and vanilla milkshake for kiddos. And to our surprise, the food were all yummy and scrumptious!

In terms of price, it was considered really cheap than other place we know that offers the same kind food.

Next time we definitely wanna go there again, love the ambiance so much. Airy, spacious and good service too! Us likeyyy! So we give them 4.5 stars! ^_^

So alhamdulillah for all the blessings. 8 years of marriage, had ups and downs like other couple. ;D But i'm blessed, can't ask for more. Syukur..

I would like to extend an endless love and thanks to my beloved husband aka my best friend for everything. Happy 8th Anniversary, and still counting, Sayang! May our love blossoms till Jannah. Amin! (Love you! X)

And today is the last day for 2013..oh my..what a very challenging year for us i say but we survived. Alhamdulillah!

Hope 2014 would bring us more Happiness, Barakah, Success, Sakinah, Mawaddah Wa Rahmah in our life. In shaa Allah, Amin!

Ps. Hope to write more frequently starting tomorrow! ;D and Will update about our Boxing Day in the next post..in shaa Allah! :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Al-Fatihah for Someone that I Miss so much..T_T


It was so sad and quite devastated for me to receive the most unwanted news on last 5th of December. I've lost the most kind and loving person in this world, my beloved grandmother. It was really hard for me after my lil sis confirmed the loss and i cried and cried so bad praying and reciting Al-Fatihah and Yassin for my grandmother the whole day in my room and i didn't feel like to eat too..so i was fasting that day. All the memories with her flashed back one by one in the corner of my mind.. and i was heartbroken! 

I'm so crushed inside as she had been my roommates for 14 years before i got married. After my grandfather passed away when i was 10 years old, my grandmother stayed with us. My parents and all my siblings were pleased and grateful to have her which made our cousins so jealous of us. Though sometimes my grandmother went visit them, but she couldnt stay long there at their house..I do think that we are so special to her maybe because my mother is her youngest child and live nearby her house or the way we always treat and love her that had warmed her though we're not rich and live in a big house..sobsss.

My grandmother was a very special person. She is genuinely kind, generous, funny, very patient and so helpful not only to us but to everybody. She was the one who took care of my siblings after school and checked our hafazan and happily made pulut kuning when we reached juz 15 and finished (khatam) Al-Quran and sent to our neighbours. She always cooked us yummilicious lunch, she washed our school shoes though we didn't allowed her to..but because she just loved doing it and spoiling us which my mom n dad didn't agreed with..my siblings love and adore her so much because she was always there for us..T_T. 

As i mentioned earlier, my grandmother slept in the same room with me and my lil sister, so whenever i came home for holiday either during hostel or campus time, I'd spent more time with her more than my mother as my mom works. I confided in her everything and she was a good listener n a good story-teller too. I love all of her stories..sometimes she even stayed up with me when i study for exam AND she even made snack for me at 3am..sobs. Well we were that close to each other like besties so i believed along the way i might had hurt her feelings which make me feel worse though i didn;t mean to. Sobsss. As long as i remember she never ever gets cross with us, my siblings or with other grandchildren and anybody..never! T_T Sometimes i couldn't believe her kindness..but it's so real.

My grandmother was a confine and massage lady. I might say a very good and quite well-known one at my hometown. People loves her and kept coming back to her. So she made quite alot of money but she always give back the money either to us or anyone who came visit her. Once i had asked her, but she answered the money couldn;t be brought with her when she dies so why should she keep? Aww, she was right. Therefore i always saw her helped the relatives who were in needs by sedeqah some money to them whenever they meet. I was very proud of my beloved late grandmother..she was truly inspiring and being a good example for all of us, her children and grandchildren. and i miss her very very much T_T. 

My beloved grandmother had passed away peacefully on 5th of December noon at our house, the place that she always wanted to be but no one had witnessed it as mom was at office..sobsss. But my mom got an instinct thus she left her works and handbag just like that at office and rushed back home around 12pm but she had missed it. My mom also 'redha' and accepted it, also my mom rasa puas dapat jaga my grandmother till her last breath according to my lil sis. Alhamdulillah..and my lil sis was lucky that she managed to feed my grandmother for the last time. So I was happy for my mom and my sis..no regrets at all.

but of course I was the one who felt badly of the loss. Besides i was thousand miles away and couldn't get back to give her last honour, unfortunately i was the closest person to her on this earth..T_T I just hope the others in our big family could understand why i'm still on and off in the stage of mourning though i'm surely accepting this fate for the sake of my beloved late grandmother..but i'm trying to recover and it's in good progress especially when i recalled back a small favour that i sincerely did for my grandmother during her sickness before i got married and before i fly to the UK, I feel a little bit relieved. I'm glad that i was there for her during her sickness time. 

I still vividly remembered the last day i met her at my aunt's house, i was sad hugging n kissing her cheeks and old hands to seek apology from her, she seems sad though still smiling. And then she said that she had forgave me and halalkan everything for me..sobsss...I did take a pic with her that day but i myself couldn;t bring myself and eyes to find or see the pic yet..and i don;t think i wanna share the pic, because she seems so sad in the pic seeing a preggie me, hubby and her great granddaughters that she adored and played with leaving her behind..sobss AND now i will never get the chance to introduce my beloved son to his lovely great grandmother when she alives. Tapi saya redha.. T_T

Raya 2010, my last raya with my late grandmother. I just love this pic because she looks all happy and smiling. Al-Fatihah to Hajah Azizah bt Hj. Ismail. We'll be missing you, Tok! May Allah grant you with His Jannah, Amin! T_T

Monday, December 2, 2013

Good Bye Autumn!


Since it might be our last Autumn in London, we plan to make a photoshoot during a weekend where all of us are free. But there were always something else came up or it was raining on saturday or sunday. So hubby gave me a green light to go whenever i'm free if the weather is permitted during weekdays. So only me and Zafri in this photoshoot while the others had to be at school..huhu..

Autumn will always be in our heart
So last wednesday i took Zafri to Goodmayes park after lunchtime. It was cold but not too gloomy so i think it's more than enough to do the photoshoot though i admit it's quite hard to get the right lighting..but i'm still happy to see the outcomes.

Just the two of us. Peace! :D
Alhamdulillah, the park was quite deserted so i wasn't too shy to pose and to set the tripod..Lol. and Zafri was being such a good sport too..we really really enjoyed taking our pictures together! ^^

Also i was glad to see there were few trees that still have golden leaves to be in the background instead of many others which their leaves already fell and scattered on the ground.. 

How we wished Babah, along Zahin and angah Iris were with us.

Lucky we have each other :)
The park was always beautiful in Autumn! Goodmayes park is quite big and i asked Zafri to go to the other side to get a different background..hehe...

Lovely trees

Happy us

Candid pon ada :P
Then i quickly took over the camera and took pictures of Zafri as many as i can..be it candid or not..and again he's so sporting, natural and cheeky too! kita tersenget2 badan, kepala amik gmbr dia pon senget sama! hehehe...

eh!! (geli terjatuh terpegang daun :D)


they say we have a pretty boy, we say alhamdulillah..:)

I'm not Bond, just Born in London.. Lol
Phewww, my hands were too cold to click the shutter anymore but i just couldn't get enough of it yet. Zafri, being an active toddler he just refused to wear his hat already..so i had to make it fast before he gets cold.

Autumn, you'll be missed..:(

you can almost see at the end, but it;s still too far to reach it

Keep going and never ever give up!

A walk to remember

Almost there, Zafri

but i'm already hungry :D
It's a school at the end so we didn't go there..afterall Zafri seemed already tired and hungry so i just snap few more pictures before leaving.

another side of the park

Zafri is too sleepy too. hehe. Tq for being sporting, son!

time to say goodbye now

Till we meet again Autumn. In shaa Allah kalau ada rezeki dan panjang umur, we would really like to come back here in London again during Autumn, even just for visiting..hehe amin!