Monday, December 2, 2013

Good Bye Autumn!


Since it might be our last Autumn in London, we plan to make a photoshoot during a weekend where all of us are free. But there were always something else came up or it was raining on saturday or sunday. So hubby gave me a green light to go whenever i'm free if the weather is permitted during weekdays. So only me and Zafri in this photoshoot while the others had to be at school..huhu..

Autumn will always be in our heart
So last wednesday i took Zafri to Goodmayes park after lunchtime. It was cold but not too gloomy so i think it's more than enough to do the photoshoot though i admit it's quite hard to get the right lighting..but i'm still happy to see the outcomes.

Just the two of us. Peace! :D
Alhamdulillah, the park was quite deserted so i wasn't too shy to pose and to set the tripod..Lol. and Zafri was being such a good sport too..we really really enjoyed taking our pictures together! ^^

Also i was glad to see there were few trees that still have golden leaves to be in the background instead of many others which their leaves already fell and scattered on the ground.. 

How we wished Babah, along Zahin and angah Iris were with us.

Lucky we have each other :)
The park was always beautiful in Autumn! Goodmayes park is quite big and i asked Zafri to go to the other side to get a different background..hehe...

Lovely trees

Happy us

Candid pon ada :P
Then i quickly took over the camera and took pictures of Zafri as many as i it candid or not..and again he's so sporting, natural and cheeky too! kita tersenget2 badan, kepala amik gmbr dia pon senget sama! hehehe...

eh!! (geli terjatuh terpegang daun :D)


they say we have a pretty boy, we say alhamdulillah..:)

I'm not Bond, just Born in London.. Lol
Phewww, my hands were too cold to click the shutter anymore but i just couldn't get enough of it yet. Zafri, being an active toddler he just refused to wear his hat i had to make it fast before he gets cold.

Autumn, you'll be missed..:(

you can almost see at the end, but it;s still too far to reach it

Keep going and never ever give up!

A walk to remember

Almost there, Zafri

but i'm already hungry :D
It's a school at the end so we didn't go there..afterall Zafri seemed already tired and hungry so i just snap few more pictures before leaving.

another side of the park

Zafri is too sleepy too. hehe. Tq for being sporting, son!

time to say goodbye now

Till we meet again Autumn. In shaa Allah kalau ada rezeki dan panjang umur, we would really like to come back here in London again during Autumn, even just for visiting..hehe amin!


Nastyna said...

owhh why.. going back to Malaysia for good? Autumn will be back every year, waiting for u guys ;) Best nyer u anak beranak bergambar, I havent got the chance (tak cari peluang) and I missed so many beautiful moments together with mine doter, sayang.

ishamizu said...


Yes dear, the time is almost sad huhu..tu la hopefully boleh datang lg next shaa Allah

Hehe takpe sbb u mmg dok sini and still have a time to enjoy life and nature at oversea kan ;)

Masitah Abdullah said...

Owh akk dh nk balik ke? Zafri mmg comel mcm kakak2 dia jugak. Kakk2 di a x jeles ke xde watak dlm this photoshot. Hehe

ishamizu said...


In shaa Allah tahun depan dh nak balik dah ;) hmm along n angah dia tak kisah pon tau. Sabar je lah hihi

blog-tips-kurus said...

indahnya.. :)

sini dah banjir.

ishamizu said...


Tu la dgr jg berita, take care ye!

Mama Haraz said...

Zafri looks so grown up from his previous pictures and yes he is such a beautiful boy mashaAllah!

The pictures look great, it will be worth so much in the future! :)

ishamizu said...

Mama Haraz

Time did he..sobs.

Yes in shaa Allah those memories will be cherished. :)

Nway, alhamdulillah. Thank you!

εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Hehhee sure sedih kan... Anyway welcome home.. ")

Yong Is My Name said...

Aunty Yong geram ngan Zafri.. makin bam-bam..

xOxO - Aunty Yong