Thursday, November 28, 2013

Spring Holiday: Prague


(This post was supposed to be done long time ago! Huhu..)

It took us seven hours to arrive at Prague from Salzburg by train. The journey was boring and quite challenging for us. We had to change train twice and took provided bus at one of the two transits to go to next train station. And the train was old and not in a good condition too. It has no cafeteria and not even tap water in the toilet! Budget train it is! :P 

We had to use our bottled water to take ablution and prayed in our seat compartment after other passengers leave. The kids gotta lie down and had some sleep for a while but it's still a restless journey. So i would not recommend it to others who have small kids like us. But for us, it's still a valuable life experience that we will remember. Hopefully, the kids learnt from this journey that life is not always a bed of roses. :D

Nway we survived! :D

Since we stayed for only one night but i guess it's already enough to explore the city. From the hotel, we took tram to city center and had to change tram twice too. (i think!) The bus station was quite far from the city center so next we just take underground train there. Before that, we kept our luggage at the locker at the bus station and bought vegetarian set at Burger Kings before exploring the city. 

happy to ride on a tram

the tram station 

inside the tram

waiting at one of the tram stop to catch the next tram

at the bus station 

to the underground 

as usual no elevators :(
Anyway, Prague city is unique by it's own way. For the city which was badly affected by war a long time ago but it has well-recovered and survived. Though, there are still a lit bit sad sight to see in rural areas, but the city is much lovelier. :) 

Just please beware, there are many pick-pocketing and fake-money changer around the city. We were once approached by the fake-money changer but we quickly ignored him and walked away quickly. It's scary but luckily they did not follow us. Thank you to our taxi driver who warned us earlier.

here we are Prague!

in front of the astronomical clock...

so crowded. very hard to take pics.

Prague was very famous with Bohemia crystal ;)

Prague castle n charles bridge for pedestrians only at the back

too bad we dont have time to go there ..goodbye Prague!

and then had an 'amazing race' to the bus station to catch our bus at 3pm to go to Berlin. :D

 What a journey! I bet it was so exhausted at that time but now looking back at all the pics, the journey was truly once in a lifetime experience that will be treasured. :)



Anonymous said...

MaşaAllah sister, çocuklarla beraber çok güzel bir tatil.. Selamlar Türkiyeden! :)

sitiezahim said...

prague cantik.. saya suka.. tapi lawak bila kenangkan, saya dah sampai ke square yang ada clock tu tp tak jumpa clock tu.. dah balik baru sedar kami miss.. hahaha

ishamizu said...

Saadet Yamak

Salam to you too sister! though I don't understand the language :D but i think u mean good ;)

thanks! :)

ishamizu said...


Hajar, ktrg plak mula2 igt kan clock lain..haha..nasib baik jmp jgk yg sbnrnya..:D tp mmg agak confusing la kt Prague ni..ktrg pon tsesat2 jgk..huhu..

rostina76 said...

agree with u sis….kadang2 kenangan yg tak best tu bila dikenang dikemudian hari akan jadi sesuatu yg indah juga. btw walau penat lelah tapi berbaloi kalau dpt melihat bumi milik ALLAH ni. actually rindu dah dgn bdk2 3 org ni since lama u all menyepi. hope everything good & take care u all. muah!!!

Nastyna said...

I heard Prague is a very nice hostorical city, bila la I nak sampai sana, adventuruos journey for u guys, tapi pengalaman tu yg berharga kan. Owhh cant wait for ur Berlin stories :)

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Cantik bandar Prague ni. Very classic. Should consider jugak utk diziarahi. hehehehe tq kak.

ishamizu said...

Kak Rostina

Yup you're right kak..alhamdulillah..:)Nway, ktrg tak brp sht..sorg2 athma, biasalahkan bila dah nak masuk winter ni. sejukkkk huhu.

ishamizu said...


Prague mmg historic, old and classic. Nanti bila2 pergilah, dah dekat je kan dgn Berlin..:)

In shaa Allah mesti nak share jgk cuti2 kt Berlin tu..hihi..

ishamizu said...

Mami Little Hero

No prob dear. pergilah nti naik flight trus sng! jgn naik train tau :P

Ninie Hanis said...

Dah lama teringin nk pegi tapi blom sampai2 lg. Sbb city dia cantik sgt..nice photos kak izu!

nurbijen said...

Betul tu Izu... budak2 ni kena juga ajar bersusah payah juga sekali sekala... biar mereka tahu realiti sebenar kehidupan :)
Geram tgk gambar2 Izu to.. wish to be there too :)
Kaknur tunggu entry kat Berlin pulak, teruskan menulis tau :)
Ninie, nak pergi sana ajak kita org tau... nak ikuttt!

ishamizu said...

Tq Ninie

In shaa Allah nti turn Ninie plak, you still have a time ;)

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Betul tu! Jgn derg igt duduk kt London ni nice n easy je kan hihi

Ok in shaa Allah nti izu share cuti2 kt Berlin lak :)