Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some Breastfeeding Tips


Here are some breastfeeding tips that i would like to share from my experience:

1. Set your goal and start with a good intention like to breastfeed your baby until two years stated in the holy book, Al-Quran.

2. Be positive, be strong especially mentally. Never ever give up. Get fully support from your other half.

3. Read a lot about breastmilk and breastfeeding. Join and website to get many tips and information.

4. Buy a good breastpump and do a lot of pumping and direct breastfeeding whenever your baby demands to produce more milk.

5. Try and error food until you find the milk booster. (Like me, rice, fish, dates, milk, milo, sayur sawi and tauge are the booster. ;))

6. Take booster supplements too. I used to take esp, alfalfa from Shaklee.

7. Wear nursing bra and tops for easy breastfeeding anytime and anywhere..

8. Get a nursing pillow and nursing cover. For me i only use my jacket or baby;s blanket to cover the aurah.

9. Pray to be istiqomah, be happy and tawakkal.

In shaa Allah hope it helps more or less. Good luck! :)

I really miss breastfeeding, i do! I could not forget the moment of nursing my baby any time and anywhere i go. So precious! And the most heavenly is I could also eat as much as I could without worrying about gaining weight and no need to get up from bed to make milk during night time. What a bliss! ;)

Since I've stopped breastfeeding six weeks ago, i've gained weight! no likey! I had not gotten use with any diet/exercise while i was breastfeeding so i guess i better start doing it now. Huhu.

breastfeeding during boarding on a train from Salzburg to Prague in last April..
Once i stopped breastfeeding zafri, hubby had to put him on sleep at night during the first week. When he woke up in the middle of night and cried for milk, I reminded him that my B's 'bleeding' ( i put the red food colouring ;)) he quickly understood and just slept in my arms. It was so emotional seeing him at that time but i had to..:( 

But now he sleeps through the night with me without tugging my shirt anymore, i guess he just and still wants to be close to me. Actually all my kids are still 'berebut' to sleep in my arms. Hehe We have a special bonding, me likey! Alhamdulillah..^^

Zafri's not actually a picky eater so it helps alot at the beginning..I just gave him any food and drinks or activities to distract him from breastfeeding. It worked! hehe. But lately, he ate less but play more..He's very very active hence he's getting slim now. huhu. But as long as he's happy and healthy..i'm not too worried. 

My beautiful family.. killing time during 5 hours train journey :D
Anyway, with Allah's permission and like other mommies out there who are breastfeeding (We're in the same boat), I'm so greatful that all this while I have been given a strong-will and being steadfast to breastfeed all my children. Alhamdulillah..(Zahin until 2 years old and half, Iris until 1 year and 10 months old and Zafri's almost 2 years old and half). Though it's very challenging journey but it's the most beautiful and precious journey that I will treasure forever..Subhanallah..!

I would like to thank hubby for all his endless love and support too. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Sayang!! You're so wonderful husband and dad! We love you so much!! ;)

To Zahin, Iris and Zafri, ummi and babah love you very very much. :) And I've tried my best to give all of you the best milk which is breastmilk. It's not expensive, we saved alot though..Alhamdulillah..Hopefully, you will grow up healthily, wisely and beautifully. Also may Allay always protect, bless and guide all of you to the right path. Amin ya rabbal alamin..

Till then wassalam.

Ps. am truly sorry to Na, Farah and kak Nur as i had accidentally deleted your comments in the previous post. maklumlah jari i ni pon dah gemuk, nak tekan publish tp tertekan delete plok..hampeh sungguh!! Lol.


nurbijen said...

betul la Izu, bf journey very priceless... setiap anak ada kenangan yang tersendiri... Bagus zafri, senang utk wean off :)
pasal berat badan naik tu pun sama laa... mcm heran, bila semua baju makin mengecil... seluar pun boleh pakai tanpa belt... lepas tu baru la sedar diri dan kawal makan.. nasib baik cepat jer turun :)
No worries la Izu... tak perasan pun komen tu terdelete if izu not mentioned it... hihhi

Mama Haraz said...

Breastfeeding is such an emotional journey kan, Haraz still feeds at night, tak sampai hati nak fully wean off, 30months is what has been prescribed, so Ada la lagi 3 months. I will definitely try your idea ;) thank you! Hi hi

εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Kenangan penyusuan sgt indah.. Me dah xsusukan anak dah. Kimie refused. Tapi 3++ tahun journey kenangan yg xdapat nak di luahkan...

ishamizu said...


Alhamdulillah kak, second attempt ni baru sng dia wean off..memang kene slowtalk dulu dgn dia..:)

Hihi Izu pon tgh berusaha, tp mmg susah..dugaan sgt klu depan mknn..:D

ishamizu said...

Mama Haraz

Yup correction, 30 months..hihi..tak pe shaa Allah Haraz pon nti senang wean off ;)

Nway, you're welcome..sharing is caring! :)

ishamizu said...


True..precious journey kan..Alhamdulillah..:)

sitiezahim said...

takpe la berisi skit.. izu kurus sangat la.. hehehe (jeles mode) :P