Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Zahin!


Alhamdulillah, today is along Zahin's big day. She turns 8 years old already..what a big girl! ^_^ Since mommy and babah had things come up today, we didn't go celebrate. After all it's on a weekday and along Zahin has to go to school.

Talking about school, yes along Zahin already got a place at a new school, Mayville Primary School.  ;) Alhamdulillah again. She just started last monday. I wish you have a lovely time though it might only be until November.

Anyway, when mommy asked whether she want to celebrate her birthday with her new friends or not, she quickly say no and said she didn't want to tell it's her birthday today. But mommy knows actually she's still shy. Hihi.

Along Zahin was in her new uniform on her first day at Mayville Primary School. Angah amik aura dulu ye..:D

Along Zahin and adik Zafri at the playground just nearby the school. Along Zahin good at consoling her baby brother now..hopefully, she will be a good sister forever..amin!

Actually, we've already celebrated along Zahin's birthday as earlier as last saturday..hihi. Coincidently, a friend also wanted to celebrate her daughter's birthday as we joined it's a double celebration.. Yeay! ^_^

Since it was kinda adhoc for us, we just went to Cake Box to buy a birthday cake. That means we didn't get a chance to customized the cake. 

But luckily, there was a Frozen cake left and after gave some thinking i decided to buy it anyway..because the lil sister, Iris really insisted to buy the Frozen cake for her big sister's birthday..she almost made a scene at the cake shop..haih sabo je la hihi..

The birthday girls, Zahin and Nuha. Nuha turned 4 years old last saturday. Happy birthday you two! May Allah bless you always! amin..:)

Tadaaaa, Elsa and Anna Frozen cake. Not only it's 'Frozen' but it was yummilicious!! Credit to angah Iris, thank you dear, such a nice and sweet sister you you wanted to give the best for your Along. :))

As a die hard fan of My Little Pony, along Zahin just asked for this for her birthday gift. RAINBOW DASH!! hihi along, already had the smaller one before.  How i wished you should have asked something else you know but anyway, it's your birthday, so you can pick anything that you wish. ;)

As always, Mommy, Babah, Angah and Adik love you so much, along Zahin though you're not as easy to handle (manja sgt) hihi. We will always be praying for you every second and every breath wherever you are.. Be a good and solehah girl, shaa Allah. 

Last but not least, may you grow wisely, beautifully (esp on akhlak ;)) and successfully in this world and hereafter. We shall try our best to shower you with all the best, love and happiness and guide you to the right shaa Allah. May Allah bless you always, my dear! Mmuahhh. :)

Mommy :x


Farikica said...

Happy birthday, along zahin! Be a good girl n make mama proud....:)

Nadine said...

Happy Birthday Zahin! Sekejapnya dah besar anak dara Izu! next thing u know she already a teenanger! hihi..

Aunty doakan Zahin membesar healthy, wise, happy and be a good daughter. Aamiin.

ps: hadiah Zahin sama la like Faiqa's poney :D

Mami Little Hero said...

Happy birthday to my dear sweet zahin. May u will always be a good girl tu ur mom n dad. hugss!

nurbijen said...

Happy belated birthday to Zahin...
Moga jadi anak yang solehah....

Alhamdulillah, cepat Zahin dapat tempat kat sekolah... Lepas ni giliran Iris pulak... Mula2, mesti lah malu lagi Zahin,kan? Moga zahin cepat sesuaikan diri dgn sekolah baru, kawan2 baru :)

Bab hadiah tu, as mum kita pun ikut aje lah kemahuan birthday girl... Janji birthday girl happy kan Izu?

Ninie Hanis said...

Happy belated birthday Zahin! Sorry aunty terlambat wish. Moga jadi anak yang baik dan solehah..cantik mcm ummi, bijak mcm babah (ye ummi juge hihi)..

Wah kak izu, cake box tu mmg satu uk ke ada? Sbb kt sini pun ada cake box dan kek dia sedap sgt2...bertuah zahin dpt kek Frozen ye.

Yong Is My Name said...

Sanah Helwa Along Zahin..
She is same age with my son Eadam, will turn to 8 too on this Sept29..

Hugh & kisses from AUnty Yong

εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

happy birthday kakak zahin...