Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Iris


It's getting harder and harder for me to update this blog nowadays. Whenever i try, there must be something or someone comes up that seeks my attention. Hehe you know who..

Anyway, it's already at the end of many things had happened. One of them was Iris's birthday! She already turned 5 years old on last 16th Feb..can't believe she's 5?! she's still look a baby to me! :D

She's so petite at less than 15kgs in weight. Huhu dia memang kurang makan nasi..perut kecik. Hehe. She almost in the same weight and size with Zafri too! And selalulah kena buli dengan boboiboy tuu. Kesian angah Iris! But sometimes she bullied her lil brother back and the fights begin. But at the end, she cried like a baby more than the lil brother..hehehe..

But Iris has a soft-heart always easy to be consoled. Also easy to forgive and forget..and of course the most generous in general including her tears! Ratu air mata nih! Hehe kalau tengah nangis sambil report kt ummi memang sah ummi tak faham as she did it in English :D Alhamdulillah rezeki Iris la dapat early education kt London nie. Hopefully in years to come she can master the language. Amin! :)

By the way she's athmatic, so she always absent from school. So her attendance is very low as 82%, but we still proud of her that she can already read before even she turns 5! Also she can write her own story though with not so proper spelling but for me it's a huge progress. Alhamdulillah..:)

As a mother, i always pray for Iris's good health, well-being and happiness. That's what a kid needs most right. Just please don't grow too fast..! Have fun, enjoy your childhood but Rajin-rajin ngaji after this to finish Iqra' 2 plak k..Hehe..

Lastly, Happy 5th Birthday, Iris! Sorry ummi lambat wish kt sini..but i really love you so much darling same as i do with your big sister and lil brother..hehe :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Petticoat Lane Market vs Old Spitalfields Market


London have numerous Sunday markets. But all this while we never go such crowded place especially on weekend. Our kids safety is always be our priority. :)

But since they are much older now so we guess we're ready to take them there. So we took train from Seven Kings station and it took us 20 minutes before stopped at Liverpool Street station. From LSS, we walked 5 minutes to Petticoat Lane. Just follow the signage and in shaa Allah you will find the market. :) 

It's true that you can get a lot cheaper London souvenirs and merchandise at this market than the ones at Bayswater..

BUT don't expect the market is to be good-looking though it's in the heart of this metropolitan city. Honestly, i felt a bit frustrated and not really safe to be here.  

Many goods are sold there be it authentic or not hence you have to look very carefully especially the leather goods. ;) But good news there are many brand new and branded shoes and clothes at a very cheap price! (of coz rejected from factory) Rambang juga mata ni, last-last beli fridge magnet and London shirts for kids only..1 pound each.! hihi

ni budak yg tak sabar2 nak pakai baju baru..:)

very very cheap London souvenirs 

Other than that please beware of mashbooh (doubtful) halal food shop and stall at the market..omputih yg jual! Huhu. Hubby also went into one halal shop at this lane but he didnt see any halal cetificate inside the shop..tengok-tengok kedai org Turkish, hm kebanyakan diorang ni memang tak boleh kene check dulu..

the end of the market at Petticoat Lane..

Babah tengok map cari jalan ke Old Spitalfields market plak :)

leka check souvenir masing2..

ummi antang nampak bunga terus suro Iris posing :D Tq iris..u're so sporting :)

Then we made a move to go to Old Sptalfields market hoping there is a reliable halal food shop there..Luckily, the market was near to each other, near to Liverpool Street station so again we just walked there..

 i prefer this market better that the other because the place much cleaner and many things to be seen and to be as a background for our pics as well..hihihi :D

Finally, we were glad to see the food court but unfortunately still cannot find the reliable halal food shop there. Huhu dissapointed again..ada jumpa kedai Kota Satay, but no halal display..:( it's Indonesian and Thailand's..

There were so many international cuisine and patisserie stalls as well but we just skipped them. Not only there're a bit pricey but we can see they were sold by tade masa plak nak check tanya whether they're vegetarian or not..sebab ramai sgt orang.

so creative

vintage frames 

vintage car ;)

So we just roaming around the market. Oh yea, it's indoor market..there are many vintage goods are sold at this market..If you are the fan of vintage, this market is totally in for you..;)

nice shop uh, but we just skipped hubby kan pemboikott Mc D, no starbucks anymore..

Then we just went back to LSS and luckily we found KFC halal in front of the we went inside and bought a set of family bucket. After doing a lot of walking, it's really good to have hot fried chickens and fries uh..nyum2! Hihi. Then we went home after Asar prayer in one of the baby changing room at the station. (Yup, no faithroom to be seen there. huhu..)

That's all. Wassalam

Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Big Boy


Zafri is gonna be 2 years and 10 months old on this 12th february. He's talkative, very active and so clever and cheeky!! Boy, suka sakat and buli weols ni. huhu he grows too fast..i wish i could slow it down..or how i wish he could stay being a baby..hihi. Sekarang ni capek sungguh ummi dan babah dibuatnya. Sangat tak reti duduk diam okk! 

Right now, he's in the stage of experimenting. Adaaa je experiment dia nak buat especially water experiment. huhu making us head ache seeing the water spilled on the table, on the floor in the kitchen and even toilet everyday. Suka celup-celup jari dia dalam drinks and suka buat aksi nak buat teh-tarik tuh. Hmm mujur la rumah ni fully carpet, so tak adala adegan siapa-siapa slips on the floor. Pheww!

Recently, an incident happened and he got a cut slightly under his left eye. huhu ..It's Iris who had accidentally stepped on his face while playing 'camping' under the dining table while he's pretending to be sleeping. Kesian dia nangis sekeping la apalagi, nasib bukan kene mata..syukur alhamdulillah tapi at first panic and scary jugak la ummi tengok bleeding at the area. huhu..

But poor him, his eczema gets worse this winter. Habis satu badan dia eczema and he wakes up in the middle of night almost every night okk. Kesian sangat, nangis-nangis tergaru-garu satu badan sampai luka and calar-balar! :(..huhu pity him..T_T. even we already put the prescribed cream (Oilatum) by GP before going to bed but it only works for few hours. Lepas dia terjaga tu mesti kene sapu all over again..but sometimes we had to give him oral solution as well for allergy relief..baru ok. 

So, us this season are quite fatigue due to sleep-deprived..tapi tak pe la untuk anak tercinta, berkorban apa saja..hihi. So, please be a good boy, Zafri! We love you so much. :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

New Bundle of Joy


Welcoming my newborn nephew who just born today, friday 7th Feb, 4.40am (local time) at Hospital Klang. My lil sister whatsapp to inform me the awaited news around 11pm last night (London is 8hrs behind). I'm so thrilled and excited! ^^

Baby looks chubby, cute and adorable with weight 3.6kg! Hehe geram tengok pipi dia! Dah lama tak ada baby ni, rindu sangat nak peluk-cium baby. Huu.

Anyway, both baby and mom are healthy. Alhamdulillah! My parents were already arrived at Shah Alam yesterday, both must be a proud grandparents ;). Maklumlah dapat cucu yg kelima dah. Syukur..:)

Lastly, so happy for my brother and SIL for their new second arrival. Can't believe Izzrizz is a big brother now. Mak Long cant wait to meet both you, lil Munchkins! Wait for us k..! with lots of love..