Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Simple Playdough Recipe


It's been awhile we haven't play with playdoughs. Reason being playdoughs stick on a carpet and it's very hard to take it off. So we kinda banned it hehe.

And now since we're already at our home sweet home, where it's not fully carpeted therefore hubby and i had decided to let the kids play with playdoughs again :)

During the school holiday recently, i suddenly thought to make our own playdough as one of the holiday activity. And the kids got really excited hehe

So here the simple playdough recipe i've found on FB thread. Only 2 ingredients used!

The ingredients:

2 cups of Cornstarch and 1 cup of lotion ( we used Johnson & Johnson baby lotion )

The method:

Just mix both cornstarch and lotion into a bowl. Adjust the portion until it becomes a dough (non sticked)

Then divide the dough into three or more bowls depending on how many colour you have ;)

Lastly, put different food colourings into each dough. And walla! ^_^

My kids really enjoyed making their own playdough. Zahin had dark pink playdough, Iris had light pink while Zafri had green playdough. Obviously we had limited colours in stock! :D

Anyway, they did a great job! They use a roller, some cookies cutter and their old playdough gadjets to create and decorate cupcakes and cookies.

Good job, kids!

Hopefully we could do it again next time using different colours, in shaa Allah. This fun activity definitely increase kids' creativity and motor skills :))

Ps. Don't forget to keep it in sealed storage otherwise the playdough will turn stiff.

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