Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Zahin's School Progress


At the beginning, it's very hard for Zahin to embrace the new school orientation and environment.
It's totally different from her previous school. So we think she definitely takes time to adapt herself.

Even until now it is still challenging to wake her up. 6am is considered too early for her. before this she used to get up at 7.30am since school time in the UK only starts at 9am and ends at 3pm.

Here everybody must bring books and their own stationery to school everyday. Many books that makes heavy school bag! Poor Zahin on this issue as she had never been in the situation before. so the first week she complained ache all over her body.

Also she has alot of homeworks everyday! Huhu kt UK homework hanya seminggu sekali and itupon on the paper sheets only..:D

So The first two weeks she cried and said how she missed her school in London. It's sad to see..but we cannot do anything..sigh.

But as time goes by, i hear no more cries and complaints. She is very committed and efficient doing all her homeworks.

Now she could read Jawi writing better. She does her Pendidikan Agama homeworks without my supervision. I was surprised but deep down in my heart i am so greatful and proud of her.

Alhamdulillah she seems to catch Jawi quickly. and She also even scored 92 for Pendidikan Agama in Ujian Selaras 1. fyi Pendidikan Agama are among the killer subjects for her.

Anyhow she's still struggling with Bahasa Malaysia and Arabic language. Yes she can speak BM and in fact she speaks in BM alot these days. Tapi Bahasa pasar la, kan. Hee.

it is just that she still does not grasp and familiar yet with the whole subjects. she always get confused on 'Perkataan seerti and perkataan berlawanan'. Also has trouble in Bina ayat. Huhu same goes to Arabic. we need to find an arabic-BM dictionary for her in shaa Allah..

All this while in the UK English has been her first language and as we know English sentence is more simple and straight-forward compared to BM. So surely it's quite challenging for her to do in BM. but we told her it's not a day process to master both language. She needs to work harder and practise.

One more thing, there is no such test or examination in the primary school in the UK like we do have here. But on the other hand, Zahin already took her first test in March and the PKSR examination has just started today until Friday.

Luckily we decided not to register her yet to the religious school this year. We were afraid that it could be a burden and culture shock for her. Let her just take in what she already has on her plate slowly first. :)

Last but not least, we really pray that Zahin will do her very best in the PKSR examination. At least she has an improvement and gets better marks than the previous test. May Allah always bless her.



εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

mmg totally diff byk benda (schooling) kat sini.. Kesian anak2 bawak beg berat2. Cumanye skrg abit changing ~ buku latihan kebanyakkan tggl di kelas. Lega skt la..
Hopefully Zahin boleh buat :)

nurbijen said...

Thanks for sharing this Izu...
Boleh buat panduan buat kami yg bakal melaluinya tak lama lagi...
Ni pun semua macam tak suka bila kata dah nak kena balik M'sia... Tapi nak tak nak, kena lalui juga dan beri galakan supaya mereka lebih bersedia dari segi mental dan fizikal... Insya Allah...