Tuesday, August 18, 2015

4 Dreadful Days in Hospital


Iris was taken to Emergency Unit Hospital Melaka around 9am on last friday once she was referred by doctor at panel clinic due to rapid breathing and known Athma. Panic mode was on! So Hubby quickly called his boss and took EL that day. I called my mom just to let her know.

Upon arriving at Hospital Melaka, i got out the car and carried Iris as quick as i could towards the emergency and the paramedic in charged let us straightly went into the emergency room. Few doctors and other paramedics had already waited and welcomed us at the door. Then we were ushered to the bed while at the same time i was busy answering questions by the doctors. They worked very fast and i was very satisfied with that. after about two hours of getting treatment by the dedicated doctors and paramedics, iris seemed stable and the progress was surprisingly shown very well too. Subhanallah..alhamdulillah.

But as expected, they admitted her to the paed ward as she still needed to be monitored closely. Afterall from the xray, the result shown that her lungs were hyper inflated. Then Hubby and Zafri came into emergency room soon after parking our car and he had to went out again to register on the ward admission before off to fetch Zahin at school at 12pm. Around 1ishpm my parents arrived from Muar to take care of Zahin and Zafri while hubby went to the mosque for friday prayer.

At the hospital, only after three hours of waiting in the emergency, we finally got a call and the permission from the ward. It was apparently fullhouse and it's already at 2ish pm! Luckily they managed to secure one place for Iris in the special care room which was air-conditioned. What a relief! I just texted hubby after being sent to the ward. He came back with my parents to visit iris at ward at 4ish pm.

By the way, Iris was treated with 3 times nebulizer,  had completed salbutamol on drip and was on going oxygen in between in the emergency unit. Meanwhile in the ward, she still depended on and off on oxygen and she needed to be pumped, 12 puffs with blue inhaler every 2 hours and was also advised to continue back on the preventor, the brown inhaler, 2puffs every day and night. She was also immediately started on penidsolone (steroid), antibiotics, paracetamol orally day and night as well. All the meds especially penidsolone taste were really horror..Iris hated it the most She even refused it and i had to force her. Two times she spitted half of them out and had made me mad at her then she cried. Sorry Iris, Mummy was too worried of you. So i had to bribe her by promising to buy her something about the Little Pet Shop if she properly took her meds. Surprisingly after the deal, she never failed taking the med. But still pity my lil girl and me of course esp during the giving med time, its really a battle..huhu...

During the four days stay, the medication routine was the same. It was dreadful, i was sleep-deprived and sometimes i missed the pump routine esp in the middle of nights as i was exhausted and didnt hear the alarm clock!! I hate myself when that happened but fortunately the doctors and nurses were kindly said it was fine since Iris seemed comfortable in her sleep. Then based on that, the doctors agreed to increase the pump time from every two hours to three on saturday, the  to every four hours on sunday. The breathing was also alreay getting slowly..

By Sunday Iris had not feverish anymore, already very active, climbed on and off the cot bed..she even ran and jumped! oh myyyy i almost lost my mind to tell her off..because she must rest according to the doctors..but this cannot-sit-still-girl tak makan saman ok...sigh. She already got bored..and kept saying wanna go home, ..and she even insisted to tag me to the musolla as well.

But too bad that she was still having chesty cough and wheezing on and off, hence the doctors still kept her warded. Only on monday afternoon, the doctor in charged had finally agreed to discharge her. Phewww..what a relief!

But i cannot relieve yet since she is still not fully recovered. Currently she still continuing on medication therefore needs to be monitored closely at home..

So now she's on antibiotic day and night, rhinitin for cold only at night as it causes drowsy and as well needs to be pumped with the blue inhaler, 6 puffs every 4 hours for two days. Then 6 puffs every 6 hours for another two days before stop it. After that she needs to be pumped when needed, like whenever having difficult to breath. But for the preventor, the brown inhaler she must take it 2 puffs every day and night until next appointment with doctor in a month time.

Honestly it was tough taking care an athmatic child. Need to control her food and wellbeings. But anything for her, really. I just hope she will be healthy with the controlled meds taking and all the precautions. i will always pray so that her Athma will be eventually gone as she grows up. Ameen..!! Zahin pon dah lama tak Athma, alhamdulillah..

Lastly, speedy recovery and get well soon my darling, Iris! We love you so much! Hope jaga makan, makan ubat dan kene pantang..in shaa Allah.

Ps. I just want to thank all the doctors, paramedics, nurses, hospital assistants of Paed ward of Hospital Melaka (in case of they ever tumble on this blog of mine.) They really did an excellent job. Hope they will keep it up! And May Allah always bless all of them for their patience, kindness and sincerity. Again, thank you!!


rostina76 said...

Allahu akbar!!!! mmg tak leh bayangkan panic mode tu. U al mmg tabah, kalau k.ros pun rasanya tak mampu nak handle. Pepepun semoga Iris back to normal, inshaallah

dorsett pink said...

kesian nya... InshaAllah... everything will be fine.. I pray for ur happiness my dear

Farah Adlini said...

Kak izu,

Serious farah berdebar baca post akak ni. Ya Allah it must be horrible exp for u. Take care kak. Hugsssss

ishamizu said...

Alhamdulillah Iris dah sihat. Tq kak Ros! :)

ishamizu said...

Ameen. Tq for the doa and tq for dropping by...:)

ishamizu said...

Huhu it was..fobia. hopefully Iris sihat walafiat lps ni. Tq Farah! Hugs :)

ishamizu said...

Huhu it was..fobia. hopefully Iris sihat walafiat lps ni. Tq Farah! Hugs :)

ishamizu said...

Ameen. Tq for the doa and tq for dropping by...:)