Saturday, October 15, 2011

6 Mos. It's Time To Eat!

As i've promised, I already started giving my son solid food when he turned into 6mos last wednesday (12th Oct) and he had his yummy home-made cooked pureed apple which i'd prepared with love! ;D So, how was his first reaction? You can watch the video below. Hihi.

See how he loved it, no rejection atleast! Hihi Alhamdulillah! actually we went out that day tagging hubby along to his university in Central London. We went by underground train(Tube). I planned to feed him as soon as we reached there but apparently, we haad to feed him sooner than that. :P BTW, it's like a short sightseeing treat for him too! ;D.

Nway according to Annabel Karmel's The New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner, cooked-pureed apples, pears and uncooked mashed banana or papaya are the first fruit that a baby should have first among other solid food like Rice and Vegetables. That's why i've chosed apple to be given to my son first. :)

The hard covered book is not only attractive outside but it was also interesting inside. But the MOST important thing is it's cconsist with well-guided notes, tips, recipes and it was all easy to understand! Serious, I prefer to read it rather than my boring computer and management book which i can hardly understand! :P

By the way, i would like to share one of the essential content in the book which are the tips for introducing solids to babies. Here it goes:

1. Make the rice or puree fairly wet and soft at first, using breast or formula milk, an unsweetened juice or cooking water. A handy tip is to mix the puree in the plastic removable top of a feeding bottle (which has been sterilised).

2. Hold your baby comfortably on your lap or sit her baby chair. It would be better if both of you were protected against spills!

3. Choose a time when your baby is not frantically hungry and maybe give her some milk first to partially satisfy her - she will then be more receptive to the new idea.

4. Babies are unable to lick food off a spoon with their tongues choose a small, shallow plastic tea-spoon off which she can  take some food with her lips. (Special weaning spoons can be bought.)

5. Start by giving just one solid feed during the day, about 1-2 tea-spoons to begin with. I prefer to give this at feed at a lunch-time.

Well stated, eh. Hope it can be benefited to new mommies out there. More or less. ;)
Baby food blender from Morrisons

Special Weaning spoon and container

So far, i've still fed Zafri one time daily and during lunch-time with the same menu, cooked pureed apple. By today, i should have prepared sumthing else like uncooked mashed banana or cooked pureed plain rice. But since my son had only eaten not more than 2-3 tea spoons so it has some portion left that made me given him the same meal again during today's lunch-time. Surprisingly, he had more than 2-3spoons than before! How great was that..i think he's adapting better now..;)

below are pics of Zafri's face expression during his lunch-time today. ^_^

so hungry

a bit sour maybe :D

but still wanted more..;)

'Can i have some more, ummi?' ;D

lastly, what we've got was a satisfiying smile from him. ^_^

Well, i'm glad that he took it easily. I think it's because he always look and stare us whenever we are eating and hope that we feed him as well. He always show his interest towards our food by munching his mouth like us. Serious, macam ada sumthing je dlm mulut dia taw. hehe kesian sgt but no longer since he can eat fronm now on! Yay, yippie!

Therefore, i declare that he's been exclusively and fully breastfed for 6 months. Yay Congrats to me hihi. (how relieved i am not to have my PMS since i'd pregnanted him in July 2010. LOL) I wish i will keep continuing to breasfeed him until 2 yrs. Hopefully. InsyaAllah. Issokay if that means i have to bring heavy stone-liked bag with the breastpump, storage bag with ice packs, bottles or milk storage bag inside (not inc. my laptop, notepads, drink bottle tho) to the university whenever i have class. It's all worth it, just for my beloved son. I will always pray so that i can do this and achieve the target. Insya Allah.


kuizikel said...

congratsss izu, dapat diploma with flying colours dah in breastfeeding (6 months).. happy nyer tengok muka zafri kekenyangan kan... cook with love.. hehhhhe... nanti share resepi2 ok.. nak tiru..

watachiwa said...

muke puas ati tu dpt makan kenyang2..hehehe..good boy

ishamizu said...


Yesza..rasa bahagia tgk senyuman dia tuh. Hehe. Tq for the wish dear!! Diploma dah, mdh2an lulus degree later amin! Wei, recipe eh? Huhu insyaAllah will try my best dear. Since start smbg bljr ni mood memasak aku ke laut sgih wei! Pnt tak larat nk msk..ala kadar je msk, kesian ank2 n laki ku huhu! Nasibbaikla dpt si dia yg sgt memahami, cewah! Padahal aku yg cerewet bab mkn ni, hisham ada roti dh cukup bg dia. ;D

Wei ko bila nk update blog? Pehh lama aku tgu taw hihi sila sila jgn mrh klu aku lmbt komen noo kiki bz woo sian aku :(

ishamizu said...


Nmpk sgt puas hatinya tu kan ;) nway, tq aunty ija yg cun! :)

MamaRayyan said...

izu, aydan pon akan start makan 27.10 nie...xsabar nak bagi dia makan..

Anonymous said...

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ishamizu said...


Good job dear! Bestla aydan klu dh mkn nti, hihi. Mcm zafri, pntg lmbt kita suap, dia dh tak keruan dlm
Walker..klu sakat dia tak suap, nangis dia! Hihihi..pastu bila dh kenyang, mst nk gigit2 sudu. Habit..ngee. Nway, slmt makan to aydan!;)

yatispeed said...

sangat comel bila zafri dah pandai makan...sian dia, tgk je org lain tak kempunan lagi dah la..kan? good boy!

ishamizu said...


Tq chik, he is a good boy. Alhamdulillah. ;) tp bila suap mkn dia nk geget2 sudu dia tuh..gatal gusi skali kot. Eei tak sbr nk tgk gg dia, ikut zahin ke iris haha take care chik!!

dyana "his other half" said...

ala, dah banyak hari aunty try nak tgk video zafri mkn ni. tp tak dapat la. asyik cakap error je. network aunty kot problem eh.

tgk gambar2 yg izu snap tu mmg sedap betul dia dpt makan applu puree tu eh. pastu boolat je mata dia nengok sudu tu. geram la!

mommaholicSURI said...

Alahai comeinya Izzafri ni!!! :)

Izu, Nuurill pun dulu suka refer dekat Annabel Karmel's nyer buku. Interesting and kreatif meals. :)

Kiss to Zafri. Muahs!!

ishamizu said...


Sorry dear, izu tatau knp video tu tak bley tgk plak..aritu nk upload kt FB pon tak leh. Tak redho kot..haha.

Nway, aah zafri suka btol mkn skrg ni. Sudu pon dia suka mkn jgk. Hihihi.

ishamizu said...


Mmg menarik kan buku AK tuh!! Izu pon suka baca, nk cuba resepi dia yg lain blom ada masa lg dia. Hihi..(malas ke dapur btol skrg ni :()

Nway, zafri says tq aunty nuurill yg jelita! ;)

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree with you more!!