Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eid at Malaysia Embassy in London.

Before Syawal leaving us, i would like to share some of our pics during the first of Syawal for the sake of a memory. This year, we went to High Commissioner of Malaysia Embassy in the Central London for Eidul Fitr prayer with friends but we did not go to Malaysia House for the Eid Feast. May be we will go next year insyaAllah but overall, our first of Syawal this year will surely be remembered as another memorable Eid for us in London. :)

Enjoy the pics!
with my Iris who always sporting to give a pose :)
get ready for a family photo while Babah setup the cammie on the tripod ;)
the family photo after several attempts

just the two of us
another family photo at Malaysia High Commissioner, London.
so happy and excited
posing while Babah went for Eid prayer..
with kak Yaya and Kak Ana who were also go to the Embassy this year. :)
Zahin, Iris, Haziq and Syakirah (kak Sya and Abg Bard's)
we had some refreshment here after the Eid prayer finished
duit raya collection.
Zafri who clung to Babah after Babah's not around for a while
 me who satisfied hehe
ready to go to open house
Cahaya was also there :)
East Londoners group photo with local policeman in front of the Embassy before leaving. 
me in the car was boring donno what to do because of the traffic jam, it took us almost 2 hrs to arrive!
and this lil boy of mine was also even managed to recharge his energy in the two hrs journey back to East London.
Alhamdulillah, our first Syawal had partly done and we were glad we joined our friend to celebrate Eid at Malaysia Embassy. We definitely want to go again next year insyaAllah. :)

And the rest of the day was filled with going to our friends's open house and welcoming our first guests from Bristol which i will share in the next post. So stay tuned! ;D
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Nadiah Sidek said...

mesti seronok jumpa ramai-ramai. kami tak pernah beraya di embassy. jauh sangat

lady lavender said...

Cantiiiik baju raya izu :)
P/s; kita recycle baju2 tu ajelah tiap2 tahun hehe..

Mixed-family in da house.... said...

salam izu,

wah time raya london pun ada jem jugak?

sitiezahim said...

teringat pengalaman kami carik msian embessy malam2 dulu. nasib baik akhirnya jumpa lepas terjumpa satu cople dr brunei..akhirnya dapat minum sirap ais..haha lawak2

Anonymous said...

It was a awe-inspiring post and it has a significant meaning and thanks for sharing the information.Would love to read your next post too……

nur said...

teringin jugak nak beraya kat London, tapi jauhnya.. tak pernah pun lagi jejak kaki kat london, hehehe...

ishamizu said...


Takpelah raya kat mana-mana pon sama je, yang penting kita happy..hehe..;)

ishamizu said...

Lady Lavender

Thanks tapi tu baju dibeli 2 tahun lepas, cuma baru ni pakai sebab tak ada baju raya jugak..:D

ishamizu said...


Jem jugak..London kan..tak kira raya ke tak, tetap jem..huhu

ishamizu said...


Hehe embassy kt Germany ke? kesiannya..

ishamizu said...


Thank you! :)