Monday, September 24, 2012

Shopping at Designer Brand Outlet

Cheshire Oak Outlet (COO) is one of the designer brand outlets in the UK. It is located at Cheshire district in Chester. It was quite famous as it is the largest outlet in this country. There are more than hundreds of boutiques such as Clarks, Gap, Timberland, Next, Mark and Spencer, Reebok, Levi's, Lee Cooper, and just to name a few..Oh Burberry, L.K Bennette, Mulberry, Polo Ralph Laurens, Tommy Hillfiger, Calvin Klein Jeans too! You can go here. Seriously, it was like a shopping paradise to me because almost everything is cheap! Believe me, you can't never get enough and can spend hours there..until they close! :D

The first time we went to COO was during Boxing Day 2006 and the second time was last year, during my parents visit. We took them there as we were on our way to Scotland on our UK roadtrip! (will try to update it one by one ;)) Like us, my parents really enjoyed shopping there too compare to Bicester Village (BV) before. ;P Anyway, though last year we went in May, but most of the boutiques got at least 50% discount! some even got 70% discount! so heaven i tell you..hehe. The first boutique which my parents went in was of course la Clarks! Clarks is originally from UK so logically it was much much cheaper compare Clarks in Malaysia. Most Malaysian if they came here, they will surely find Clarks! :)

Ok. Enjoy the pics!

me and kids with tok Mak and Tok Bah..posed in front Travelodge where we stayed in..before off we go to COO 

me and my catches at GAP. 50%? Voilaa...all cheap, gerams/

hahaha the eins were bribed with ice creams while mommy shopping 

my Iris, all comots but yet so innocent..hehehe

1 month old and smiley lil Zafri..very calm and deep in slumber...good boy!

a model wannabe :P

the eins did not allow me to do more shopping..dah boring la tue..kesian anak ummi..

see, Tok Mak and Tok Bah happy sakan borong kt Clarks..! hehe

with so clingy ever granddaughters..;)

and me missing so much to cuddle this prince charming of mine after shopping..arghh ummi sgt rindu time adik Zafri baby..huhu time really flies!

Anyway, i have been to few other outlets besides COO the oned at Ashford, Freeport and Livingston but i still like Cheshire Oak Outlet more! For more info, please go to It's the cheapest so far, highly recommended!! And it's also already near to Manchester and Liverpool which have many tourist attractions your journey will be worth it..not only shopping but also can go sightseeing which i love to do most! ;) hehehe..Oh yea, next time want to try Swindon Outlet plak! Heee.

Ok Till then, Wassalam.


sitiezahim said...

baru ni saya masuk kedai Clark kat factory outlet kat sini. mmg sedap la kasutnya sepasang dlm area €50..dan saiznya tak kena dengan saya, yg pakai saiz 34 or 35..uwaaaa....

ishamizu said...


Hehe Clarks mmg ada byk cutting, so kene tgk betul2 yg mana sesuai dgn kaki kita..lg satu saiz kaki kita mungkin bbeza kt satu2 cutting tu. mcm izu, klu clarks sport active saiz 4/5, tp klu yg jenis pump shoes sy muat yg saiz 3 hokey hihihi..mcm bdk2 je dgr saiz 3..hehe..dulu kt hostel uia, sy dtg blk kwn sy, kwn2 dia tgk kasut sy kata apa tau..'igt kn bdk kecik mn tadi dtg' sabo je la haha. Apapun Clarks mmg comfortable, i loikeee tp kene cek betul2 jgn terbeli yg guna kulit babi plak ;D

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya shopping clarksssss, nak juga! hehe. bukan main lagi tokmak & tokbah borong ye. 2 plastic penuh kasut tu. hehe, best best.

Nadine said...


*feeling jeles* hihi

nur said...

saya pun pernah ke sana... besar giler... jenuh nak pusing satu village...
masa pergi tu pun sales 50% jugak, sempat la rembat 3 helai jeans sorang.... hehehe, tapi mmg murah :)

roSebud said...

kita pun saiz 3 kalo scholl.clarks xpenah beli.wanna try la kalo ade minat design.kat msia tu mcm mahal beno jer. btw zafri time tu comel bangeettt..geram, terus bau baby hikhik..