Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sponge Shape Stamp


This time it's Zafri's turn to show his creativity. ;) We bought a safe and free toxic colours for him to play around. At first i was thinking about finger paints..it must be fun, but the pack comes with sponge shape stamp therefore the busy-body sisters aka The Eins wanted to go with the stamping first. So, let's stamp! ^^

Surprisingly, Zafri was well-cooperated and could sit still with this activity for quite some time. He really loved stamping the sponge shape on the A4 papers. And his expression was priceless! ;)

Though he just continued from Along and Angah artwork, he didn't mind at all. What he knows, just stamp, stamp and stamp! hehee

And it was fun indeed! At the same time he also learnt colours and shape!! so up to date he could recognize red, blue, yellow, green, orange, white and black quite good. Alhamdulillah..

Later, when he's already bored with the same routine with sponge shape, he had an idea! What else, play the colours with his fingers of course!! hohoho..bab ni yg eden lemah ni..:P but i just let him be and enjoyed himself...:)

And finally when he got tired and felt uncomfortable of the mess he'd made on the table and his fingers, he called and pleaded me to clean for him..hehe ini budak kicik memang tak boleh lelama kotor kat tangan dia, sooo penggeli! hehehe :D

Anyway, sponge shape stamping is always fun for kids. I still remember that it was also my favourite art activity during my primary school because it was the easiest..and fun! hehe.


Fizah said...

wahh nampak sewonokk ;D

Nadine said...

He reminded me of Faaz so much during the first art session. Genglah! hihi. btw, ur boy is so cute! i just loves his round, sparkling eyes! :)

Eta said...

bulatnye mata zafri, comel. tak sabar nk buat aktiviti ni dekat khalid pulak. =)

Mama Haraz said...

Best! Nanti nak buat dengan Haraz! :)
Thank you for sharing!!!

nurbijen said...

auntie pun suka stamping2 ni... nak join zafri la...
budak2 mmg kreatif... puas guna span, guna tangan pulak.... hihihi

lady lavender said...

layan anak main kaler2 mcm ni mmg kena sabo hihi...bukan apa bila dah tengok sememeh sana sini kot2 kita pulak naik angin haha!

but it's good to let them try & explore :-)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ishamizu, kids love to draw and pain...and can spend hours lying on their tummy drawing.
You kid really cute with beautiful big eyes.
Bottom pic looks like expression, "I am guilty make table dirty', ha ha.
Have fun and keep well.

Yong Is My Name said...

My Little Big Eyes Zafri,
Geram aunty Yong!
You are so cute, handsome boy

rostina76 said...

Cutenye zafri comot2 gini