Monday, October 21, 2013

A Day at Clover Ward


Little miss Iris was admitted again on last thursday night. After three rounds of nebulizer treatment at A&E, doctor sent her to Clover ward, the children centre of King George Hospital. Though her oxygen level was progressed to normal but her blood pressure was still rather high hence close monitoring was needed and obviously not safe to go back home.

It was expected therefore we were ready and accept the decision. The overnight bag was also brought in advance with some dry food, thermos and clothes for Iris and me. So i managed to feed all of us a homecooked chicken porridge during dinner time at A&E..

Clover ward was already deserted and quiet when we came in. All the nurses who worked during night shift were so warm and friendly, so we felt ease and comfortable. And as soon after hubby go home and Iris got her next session of nebulizer in the ward, she quickly dozed off to Lalaland. Though in the nighy she was being checked every hour by nurse and once by Paed at 4am, she didnt stir at all. Poor my lil girl, she was really exhausted. I know because i have athma too..:(

The next day, she seemed herself being chatty and quickly ask me when she can go home. Huhu i said she will soon but have to wait until doctors come and check on her again. She took it very well..but it's hard on me..:(

After breakfast (cocopops + milk, toasts + blackcurrant juice for both of us), the new nurse (morning shift) came and brought her Hello Kitty picture in quite big size with pencil colours! Iris was so excited as Hello Kitty is her favourite character therefore that had kept her busy for a while. Yes only for a while because when she's tired she asked me to colour the rest. Hihi.

After colouring, she wanted to do some crafts. The paper and the crafts accessories were also given earlier with Hello Kitty pic and the pencil colours. Really, Clover ward and all the staffs are so amazing to their patients and us the parents. Kudos to them! :)

When hubby and Zafri came in after sent Zahin to school, Iris was still into the craft. But after seeing his lil bro playing outside at the playground which was just outside the ward, she wished to join him too. Luckily not long after she was being switched to inhaler from nebulizer therefore she was allowed to play at the playground but not for too long..because she was still not fit enough. Then we brought two of them to the playroom instead..until lunchtime. We were served fish and chips, yummy! :)

Later at 4pm, hubby came back to after fetched Zahin from school the same time when doctor came for the third time that day and this time we had a good news that Iris was discharged. Alhamdulillah...the doctors knew Iris wanted to go home badly after asking her so they let her. Actually, they didnt think she's well enough to go home but i guess they did for the sake of Iris's happiness..we knew from their concern and they asked us to bring her back immediately if she's no any better with her new and higher dose meds prescribed.

But up to date, she's still recuperating slowly but active though. Alhamdulillah. We kept her at home today, as she still have cough and cold. It is really cold outside but we have no choice to send her to school tomorrow. :( but In shaa Allah..we pray that she gets better as soon as possible. Amin!

Ps. Now me plak down with cold and fever. :(


Mama Haraz said...

Shafakillah. InshaAllah with every pain there will be ease. Children are so innocent, kena hospitalised pun muka happy je lagi, I suppose it's hardest for us parents.

Stay warm guys!

rostina76 said...

Oh dear Iris….kesiannya!!!!May Allah grant His mercy to u & give u speed recovery, amin3x Ya Rabb!!! btw same goes to mama (penat tu menjaga anak sakit). Take care both of U ;)

Yus Mohamed said...

semoga iris cepat sembuh ye....

take care ye izu... dah nak winter ni, memang selalu demam dan batuk time2 macam ni.

salam sayang utk semua....

εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Ooowhh kesian iris. Get well soon ya. Hopefully mommy boleh take care dgn baik bila anak ade asthma ni. Anak haza yg no 2 dah recovered dr asthma, Alhamdulillah.. biarlah sekadar childhood asthma kan.. kesian tau

iu rf said...

semoga cepat sembuh ya iris!

nurbijen said...

Harapnya Iris pun semakin beransur baik... Rindu sgt Iris kat rumah tu, nasib baik doktor pun faham dan sporting :)
Skrang dah mula sejuk... Danish pun kena mild asthma jugak dari hari Ahad lepas... kali ni kak nur istiqamah beri makan habbatusauda... tiap kali makan, letak beberapa biji kat atas nasi dan Danish boleh telan semua tu hingga habis... lega, tapi mmg mujarab sgt.. malam pun boleh tidur dgn lena :)
Moga Izu pun cepat baik, take care tau :)

Nadine said...

kesiannya iris!

skang dh musim sejuk ye. keep urself & family warms darlings..moga cepat sembuh.

btw, nadia pun setuju dgn comment kat atas tu, cuba izu try habbatussauda time musim sejuk ni. :)

Yong Is My Name said...

Ya Allah.. Kesiannya Iris.
Mungkin Iris dah back to normal kan?
Mama Iris semoga kuat & cepat sembuh.. nanti satu kapal pun tak boleh berlabuh..hehe..

xoxo aunty Yong..