Thursday, November 28, 2013

Spring Holiday: Prague


(This post was supposed to be done long time ago! Huhu..)

It took us seven hours to arrive at Prague from Salzburg by train. The journey was boring and quite challenging for us. We had to change train twice and took provided bus at one of the two transits to go to next train station. And the train was old and not in a good condition too. It has no cafeteria and not even tap water in the toilet! Budget train it is! :P 

We had to use our bottled water to take ablution and prayed in our seat compartment after other passengers leave. The kids gotta lie down and had some sleep for a while but it's still a restless journey. So i would not recommend it to others who have small kids like us. But for us, it's still a valuable life experience that we will remember. Hopefully, the kids learnt from this journey that life is not always a bed of roses. :D

Nway we survived! :D

Since we stayed for only one night but i guess it's already enough to explore the city. From the hotel, we took tram to city center and had to change tram twice too. (i think!) The bus station was quite far from the city center so next we just take underground train there. Before that, we kept our luggage at the locker at the bus station and bought vegetarian set at Burger Kings before exploring the city. 

happy to ride on a tram

the tram station 

inside the tram

waiting at one of the tram stop to catch the next tram

at the bus station 

to the underground 

as usual no elevators :(
Anyway, Prague city is unique by it's own way. For the city which was badly affected by war a long time ago but it has well-recovered and survived. Though, there are still a lit bit sad sight to see in rural areas, but the city is much lovelier. :) 

Just please beware, there are many pick-pocketing and fake-money changer around the city. We were once approached by the fake-money changer but we quickly ignored him and walked away quickly. It's scary but luckily they did not follow us. Thank you to our taxi driver who warned us earlier.

here we are Prague!

in front of the astronomical clock...

so crowded. very hard to take pics.

Prague was very famous with Bohemia crystal ;)

Prague castle n charles bridge for pedestrians only at the back

too bad we dont have time to go there ..goodbye Prague!

and then had an 'amazing race' to the bus station to catch our bus at 3pm to go to Berlin. :D

 What a journey! I bet it was so exhausted at that time but now looking back at all the pics, the journey was truly once in a lifetime experience that will be treasured. :)


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some Breastfeeding Tips


Here are some breastfeeding tips that i would like to share from my experience:

1. Set your goal and start with a good intention like to breastfeed your baby until two years stated in the holy book, Al-Quran.

2. Be positive, be strong especially mentally. Never ever give up. Get fully support from your other half.

3. Read a lot about breastmilk and breastfeeding. Join and website to get many tips and information.

4. Buy a good breastpump and do a lot of pumping and direct breastfeeding whenever your baby demands to produce more milk.

5. Try and error food until you find the milk booster. (Like me, rice, fish, dates, milk, milo, sayur sawi and tauge are the booster. ;))

6. Take booster supplements too. I used to take esp, alfalfa from Shaklee.

7. Wear nursing bra and tops for easy breastfeeding anytime and anywhere..

8. Get a nursing pillow and nursing cover. For me i only use my jacket or baby;s blanket to cover the aurah.

9. Pray to be istiqomah, be happy and tawakkal.

In shaa Allah hope it helps more or less. Good luck! :)

I really miss breastfeeding, i do! I could not forget the moment of nursing my baby any time and anywhere i go. So precious! And the most heavenly is I could also eat as much as I could without worrying about gaining weight and no need to get up from bed to make milk during night time. What a bliss! ;)

Since I've stopped breastfeeding six weeks ago, i've gained weight! no likey! I had not gotten use with any diet/exercise while i was breastfeeding so i guess i better start doing it now. Huhu.

breastfeeding during boarding on a train from Salzburg to Prague in last April..
Once i stopped breastfeeding zafri, hubby had to put him on sleep at night during the first week. When he woke up in the middle of night and cried for milk, I reminded him that my B's 'bleeding' ( i put the red food colouring ;)) he quickly understood and just slept in my arms. It was so emotional seeing him at that time but i had to..:( 

But now he sleeps through the night with me without tugging my shirt anymore, i guess he just and still wants to be close to me. Actually all my kids are still 'berebut' to sleep in my arms. Hehe We have a special bonding, me likey! Alhamdulillah..^^

Zafri's not actually a picky eater so it helps alot at the beginning..I just gave him any food and drinks or activities to distract him from breastfeeding. It worked! hehe. But lately, he ate less but play more..He's very very active hence he's getting slim now. huhu. But as long as he's happy and healthy..i'm not too worried. 

My beautiful family.. killing time during 5 hours train journey :D
Anyway, with Allah's permission and like other mommies out there who are breastfeeding (We're in the same boat), I'm so greatful that all this while I have been given a strong-will and being steadfast to breastfeed all my children. Alhamdulillah..(Zahin until 2 years old and half, Iris until 1 year and 10 months old and Zafri's almost 2 years old and half). Though it's very challenging journey but it's the most beautiful and precious journey that I will treasure forever..Subhanallah..!

I would like to thank hubby for all his endless love and support too. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Sayang!! You're so wonderful husband and dad! We love you so much!! ;)

To Zahin, Iris and Zafri, ummi and babah love you very very much. :) And I've tried my best to give all of you the best milk which is breastmilk. It's not expensive, we saved alot though..Alhamdulillah..Hopefully, you will grow up healthily, wisely and beautifully. Also may Allay always protect, bless and guide all of you to the right path. Amin ya rabbal alamin..

Till then wassalam.

Ps. am truly sorry to Na, Farah and kak Nur as i had accidentally deleted your comments in the previous post. maklumlah jari i ni pon dah gemuk, nak tekan publish tp tertekan delete plok..hampeh sungguh!! Lol.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Missing You..:-)


It's been ages since the previous post! Oh my...sorry I was very busy..and lazy too! Really miss blogging and you!! hehehe..

For your information, it was half-term school break from 26th Oct until 3rd Nov. So we had been away for holiday from 25th-29th Oct. This time we chose Durham as a destination. It's in north east of England which is almost 6 hours driving from London..hohoho!

The first thing we did was waterfall hunting! Heheh been looking for one since we arrived in the UK. :P Alhamdulillah, after doing some research (google ;P) we decided to go to for High Force in upper Teesdale. It's 40 minutes away from the caravan park we stayed, Crimdon Dene Holiday Park.

Even if so, we really enjoyed the Autumn scenery along the way there. Masya Allah, the countryside was so beautiful. Subhanallah! When we arrived at the destination, we didn't see the waterfall straight away. It was hidden in paradise. :P We need to walk about 10 minutes to meet the waterfall..Again, we didn't feel it at all because the forest was so enchanting! :)

It's like we were in a different world! Twilight movie scene! Hehehe. We loved seeing the golden maple leaves scattering on the ground..the different colour of the trees, just awesome! We took a lot of pictures on reaching the waterfall but i was too lazy to upload. :D

Anyway, tadaa. We were all posing with High Force as in the background..! It was awesome! Loved hearing the sound of the waterfall..The middle one was the scariest! hehehe..but still there were people canoeing in this kind of water. Kudos to them..hehe..

Ok, gtg..till then.. Salam Maal Hijrah 1435H from IshamIzu & Co. :)