Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia: Langkawi (Part 1)


I am so blessed and thankful to have a very loving family, wonderful parents and siblings as well wonderful husband and children..i feel so lucky. I really hope our happiness and strong bonding and relationship will be lasting forever till Jannah. Amin. 

This Langkawi trip was fully sponsored by my family and siblings. So generous of them..! ;) So i just knew the rough budget. The homestay and rented Avanza if i'm not mistaken is less than 1K for 5days and 4 nights. The return flight tix for my small family was RM550 with Malindo Air.. my parents and siblings flew with fire Fly which i didnt know how much it costs. But i heard it's also cheaper as they already booked it almost a year :D

Overall, the homestay, the rented car and the flight were pleasant experience. The owner of the homestay and the car name En. Roslan. Sorry i don't have his details since my siblings made all the arrangement. :)

For Malindo Air, though it's still new airline but has offered a good service and hospitality. Cuma bab delay flight tu je kene improve. :)

Anyway, Langkawi was not too sultry hot during our stay there. It was drizzling on and off but we who just came back from the UK really appreciated it since it made the temperature goes down a bit and we felt cooler after the rain. 

Since this is our third time being in Langkawi, so we didnt go for island hopping this time. Plus we didnt think it's a good idea especially for my brother and wife who has a 3 months old son. I still had a phobia after our island hopping experience in 2007 so i won''t recommend. :D

So, the first main attraction that we visit was Galleria Perdana. it was Sunday, we didn't know that the admission was free. Rezeki sungguh! padahal dah ready nak bayar..:D

Galleria Perdana Langkawi

The location was easy to find. It has ample parking lots. Only the place was deserted that day. I could even count the visitors! hehe. Nevertheless, we enjoyed roaming inside the building with less crowds. :D

my beloved husband, my beloved brother, sister, SIL plus my beloved nephew with Tun M ;)
 All of us were extremely proud and happy as soon as we noticed the huge portrait of our beloved fourth prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir b. Mohammad. We quickly took picture with 'him'. Tak jumpa alive, dapat gambar pon jadilah kan..hihi.

my turn with my beloved family minus my darling husband..

Seriously the interior design of Galleria Perdana is so impeccable. It was perfect dedication place for the very honourable person such Tun Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir. He's a very reputable and respectable prime minister, known almost across the world. Kt UK, whenever people knew we're from Malaysia, mesti diorang akan sebut nama Tun Mahathir..even he's no longer our prime minister. How proud is Malaysia is so proud of him..hence, the Galleria Perdana is built. ;)

my dad with his two grandsons (my brother at the back) took pic with among one of the unique gifts for Tun M ;)
 There were so many things to see and to read from Tun M's early years becoming our prime minister to the end of his years. Photos were on almost every wall be it portraits of Tun M with his beloved wife, Tun M with other prime ministers from all over the world or artistic paintings. It made me feel So touching looking at all of the photos especially the ones when Tun M with his beloved wife Tun Dr. Siti Asmah. They both are such an ideal and strong pair and always looking so romantic and loving togerther. :)

my mom with her granddaughters :)
Terlalu banyak hadiah istimewa dan unik yang telah diterima oleh Tun M sepanjang beliau menjadi PM kita including antique cars and Formula 1 car!! So all of them are being kept safely and nicely in this galleria. Geram juga tengok perhiasanperhiasan daripada batu Jade yang diberikan oleh negara China dan many more. So sorry i couldn't share many pics here..i can;t bear with the internet speed here in Malaysia..bchinta nak upload gambar! in the UK we used to have minimum from 20Mb-40Mb at our home..but here only 1Mb--4Mb only?? Cmon...Sigh

(Can anyone do something about this? Please..if not susah nak jdi negara maju..daripada sibuk berusaha nak bida jadi tuan rumah world cup 2032 ke bila ntah (Msia football world ranking no. 160++ kott, so hentikanlerrr) baiklah usahakan//invest in providing ultra high speed internet, lagiiiii bagus kan! ;))

they're my whole world. Eternity Love! :)

Indeed. Thank you Tun M, jasamu kukenang! :)

Zafri terlepas masuk...mujur tak dinaiknya haha
Overall, galleria ni ada banyak section and more than 1 tingkat..ada wheelchair/stroller access...senang. So don;t worry if you bring old folks or small babies..;) air cond pon ada, nyaman je dalam and souvenier shop and cafe pon ada, lengkap, memang best dan tak rugi datang visit. :)

Kalau weekdays, kene caj admission. Ahad je plan wisely..:P

Ok thats all..if i have a free time, i would share about Hot Spring pool in next entry. In shaa Allah :)

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