Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer in Malaysia :)

Hubby managed to catch the temperature on car dashboard showed 37deg celcius at 7pm.. It's extremely hot. No kidding! I'm sure it is higher during afternoon. How we wish our house, our parents' house are fully airconditioned. Hehe.

So we are sweating from head to toe even at night. It makes us uncomfortable. Poor kids, keep scratching, compaining itchy here and there though already wear sleeveless shirt n short. Sometimes topless! Rambut pon cepat masam..hoho so i ended up cut Zahin's hair a week ago. Rambut Iris je tak bagi..huhu. 

If we are in the bedroom, we surely switch-on full blast both fan and air-cond baru OK..;) the kids sometimes even lock themselves in the bedroom and switch on air-cond themselves ok. Mahu terkejut weols/ tok nenek tengok bil elektrik bulan ni! :D

Then bila nak mandi, kene tunggu peluh kering dulu. So not only electricity bill, water bill must increase as well! the kids asyik mandi je..when i said no, they plead me saying just for a minute. Pandai nego, mana tak cair mummy nih. Haih..Tapi kalau dah dapat, tadenya seminit..at least half an hour! huhu..

The major problem that really concerned me is Zafri still with his eczema. especially without air-cond! Sleep-deprives, wake up in the middle of every single night without fail. He would cry so loud because the itchiness bother him so much. The next day he usually being grumpy..Poor my lil boy. We try our best not to give him eat seafood and eggs even chicken so much but it's hard. Also we already bought Seba Med cream, new anti histamine med named Adezio (kt UK tade Seba Med n anti histamine pakai Piriton) but seem not working on him. :( I guess we need to find other med/solution again. I couldn't find Emolient lotion and Atarax/Arabax?

So if you guys have experience with eczema, could you please suggest and recommend any effective med for my son? Much appreciated! Tq. :)

Besides extreme hot weather and Zafri's eczema, we are so happy and blessed to be back here in our homeland, especially when being around our family and cheap seafood and yummy local food. ^_^ And The kids love to stay at their grand parent's place and to get to see their cousin every other week. Health-wise, we are fine, so far no high fever and athma attack yet. Alhamdulillah. :)

Ps. How we miss chilled Summer in the UK..still :D

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sitiezahim said...

how u miss summer in UK.. uwaaaa nanti kejap lagi saya pon merasa perasaan tu.. rindunyaaaaa dekat dochland :((

Anonymous said...


My paed told me that seba-med is unsuitable for some kids with eczema as it will make the skin dry. Hence, worsen the condition.
My daughter has been using Eucerin since she was a baby. We were told to change her soap as well. Cant remember the med she was prescribed though. But preferably get one w/o steroid.

Btw, its normal for kids to feel out of place or uncomfortable when they have been overseas for a long time. Hope they will get use to it:) good luck!

Masitah Abdullah said...

k.izu..cepat2 balik uk tau semoga segala urusan akk dipermudahkan.

nurbijen said...

Izu, summer kali ni tak berapa summer - dekat Bradford lah... Temperature turun naik sesuka hati.. Kejap panas, kejap hujan... Kadang2 pagi2 pun cari coat tebal lagi... huhuhu

Izu, pernah dengar tak 4life? dulu kawan saya ada anak dia yg teruk ekzema cuba produk tu... It's good to boost our immune system.... Jadi immune system yg cuba lawan ekzema tu nanti... Mula2 pakai, kena tahan sikit sbb mmg akan banyak ekzema yg keluar... Tapi lepas tu beransur-ansur hilang... Tu pengalaman kawan saya lah, sbb dia pun tak tahan tgk anak dia syik garu2 jer akibat ekzema...

M'sia, part food yg paling best.. boleh la balas dendam kat pasar Ramadhan nanti :)

kausar said...

betullll time2 panas ginilah teringat tempat sejuk yg pernah ditinggalkan. tapi time kat sana minus2 degree kita sibuk terbayang kehangatan mesia haha..nway blogwalk ni, bila balik uk smula?

Anonymous said...

as salam k izu,
why not u try mogo brand.from sabun mandi and cream.all in one set. it's really worth it to try.my friends yg ada anak eczema kt mesia use this brand and all of them really satisfy with this product.

Hasniah Ismail said...

Akak guna produk 4 life utk atasi masalah exzema. Nama produk tu advanced tf. Juga gel dia pun ok

Nadine said...

Awwww, kesiannya hero kecik nie. Susah jugak ye dah biasa disana nak adapt balik kat sini. Zhafri lagila tak pernah balik sini kan. Sabar eh Izu, nak bagi suggestion pun tak reti sbb tade experience..

Hope everything will be better real soon.

p.s> yg duk M'sia tiap2 tahun berpanas pun tak tahan at times, inikan yg tak pernah..ye tak..heee :D

Mama Haraz said...

So good to be home... but it'll take a while to adapt, especially for the kids kan, kesian panas and eczema, my husband pun dari kecik eczema, then I took him to Dr Nathan dekat dgn building DBKL, I'm not sure what he gave tapi dah tak de. My husband pun tak makan any seafood and he always keeps hydrated and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize hihi

ishamizu said...

Thank you all for all the recommendation! Really appreciate! We use Eucerin products now and it seems suitable with my son's skin..he's better than before only cried shortly if it's too hot during sleeping at night..it's bearable now..alhamdulillah. Again, many thanks! :))