Saturday, August 9, 2014

Little Miss Specky


Too much reading or too much watching iphone or genetic? All are the factors Izzahin has short-sighted like both Babah and ummi, i believe! 

We went to Asda Optician to book an appointment to see an optometrist on sunday, the day before Raya. Firstly, we need to fill on the form for Zahin;s detail as a patient and our detail as a parent. Since she was under 16 years old, she was entitled to get free consultation and frame. How generous, right? ;)

So we came back on wednesday, three days later to see the optometrist. When we were called in, our little miss clingy Iris also wanted to tag along so we took her in together with us to see Mr. Optometrist. Babah waited outside with adik Zafri. But luckily, this chatty girl can't stop talking so THAT made Along Zahin felt less nervous. Good job, Iris! Hehehe...

Along Zahin was cool and well-cooperated throughout the consultation. I'm so proud of her! :) And then, Mr. Optometrist confirmed that she was short-sighted with minimum power at 50-50 for both right and left eyes. After finished with a prescription, he asked us to choose a frame at kids section outside.

It took quite sometime for us to choose a frame for her. She already picked a shocking pink Disney Princess frame, but Babah said it's not kinda appropriate to wear at school.  So she tried on the plain black and thick frame, and again Babah disapproved it. This time he said she looks nerd! hahahaha...Then finally, we were left only with a red Cinderella frame and fortunately it seems the most suitable and looks best on her. So hope she would take a good care of it..:)

And here she is, Little Miss Specky now. So far sgt berhati-hati menjaga spek dia. hehehe...

Anyway, She looks matured, kan? Dah la rupa Babah, bila pakai spek laaaagi sebiji macam Babah. Like Father, like daughter! hehehehe...Babah kata dah nampak muka budak baik-baik..hehe. Ummi kata nampak educated.. ;) hehe..Mudah-mudahan amin..amin..! :D

Ps. Ummi only started wearing glasses when i was 11 years old while Babah 12/13 years old, Zahin. hehe..


nurbijen said...

confirm daddy dotter...
Sama dgn Irfan.... dah pakai spek... cikgu yg suruh check mata bila dia kata tak nampak dlm kelas... nasib baik free, kan?
Tapi kena pakai masa belajar aje lah... waktu biasa tak payah pakai sbb mata Irfan jenis yg x dpt fokus.. belum kategori rabun lagi

Yong Is My Name said...

She is so cute in speck..