Wednesday, August 27, 2014

South Kensington, London


In last February, I managed to tagged my other half to his college with Zafri. Zahin and Iris were at school since it was not a school holiday so it was just the three of us in this trip. But hopefully they know that deep in my heart i wished they were there with us..:)

Anyway, welcome to one of the elite and elegant neighborhoods in the city of London! 

Firstly, from Seven Kings station, we took national railway train to Stratford station. Then we took central line underground train (tube) to Mile End station. Next we took District line to South Kensington station. After peak hour, it is usually less crowded but not at South Kensington station, it is always busy at most of the time according to the other half . So it is better if you could avoid it during its peak hour. 

And do take note as it is a hassle for parents who bring kids and buggies at most underground station in London. There is no elevators at most of the stations. But worry not, as there are always nice and thoughtful ladies and gentlemen to help you. Usually they would politely asking if you need their help to carry the buggy together with you first and after you give them a positive response, they would quickly do it without hesitation. So do not forget to thank them at the end. ;)

Victoria & Albert Museum

Natural History Museum

Imperial College London
Hubby's College is at Exhibition road. I always loved the road because there are few main tourist attractions along the road such as Victoria & Albert museum, Natural History museum and British Science museum and all of them are free admission. Just great! 

But that day the weather was too beautiful to stay in the museum :P So after bidding a temporary goodbye with my other half before he makes his way quickly to his college, i took time at my pleasure slowly strolling down the road while pushing Zafri in his stroller to go sightseeing. Fefeeling Londoners sangat! Lol 

Even though I amnot from an architecture background but i am very impressed with all the architecture of most of the buildings along the way. I bet you all are impressed too, right? :D

Anyway if you come to London, you would not want to miss all the attractions at South Kensington including The Royal Albert Hall. It is a must! The architecture and the detailing of the building would make you speechless. :)

The Royal Albert Hall

Then across the Royal Albert Hall is the famous Kensington Garden. So I took Zafri there as a treat for being a good boy and sitting behaviorally in his stroller. Hehe I believe he also had a good time sightseeing that day, just like me. :D

Okay hopefully you have enjoyed all the pics. Till we meet in the next entry. Wassalam....

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nurbijen said...

Setuju part bantuan utk angkatkan stroller tu....
Mmg ramai sgt yg prihatin bila tgk kita nak angkat stroller ke atas :)

Cantik kan Izu bangunan2 area situ... Saya pun banyak tangkap gambar kat sana... Sampai anak2 tegur, "Ummi ni, tak penat ke asyik ambil gambar jer..."... hahaha