Saturday, November 8, 2014

Half-Term Break: The Ice Rink at Natural History Museum


When the girls saw the ice rink and other kids skating at Natural History museum, they got excited and completely forgot about going to Hyde Park. They instantly begged me to go for skating..Oh not again..and it was impossible girls! Kesian..but they did not have any skating it's a big no. But after they watched a few kids and adults fell off onto the ice they stopped begging me. Hehe..

The day was beautiful! It was pretty bright and sunny hence the place was crowded since it was school holiday. Due to the warm weather, the ice quickly melted and the rink was quite slippery so it's quite challenging for the skaters. Nonetheless, the number of skaters increased towards the evening and the place was happening!

For the tickets if i'm not mistaken, it was GBP8 for each child and GBP13 for each adult and can be bought at the ticket counter nearby. The price is still considered cheap at the moment because usually the price will go up during Christmas and Chrismas school holiday like in previous year. 

We just enjoyed watching other people skating. The girls still had fun though they did not have a chance to skate. Happy aje, dan seronok tengok the staffs skating while showing some ballerina skills. Had a good time indeed. Good girls, mummy love you two! ;)

Later, i'd treated them both a ride on a marry-go-around for being sporting. They both were thrilled! Hehe. Luckily, Zafri felt asleep! Sebab dia tak cukup tinggi, ketidak sure mengamuk nak naik jugak ikut Along and Angah huhu. 

Actually, children who are below the specifiied height could still go on a marry go around but must be accompanied by their parents. But in my case, nobody can keep an eye on our belongings if i had to joined in..tak pelah Zafri maybe next time plak..;))

Anyway the girls had fun riding on a marry-go-around. They moved so fast! It was hard to take their picture without being blurred. Haha. Anyway, I'd enjoyed taking their pictures and others. The picture below was my favourite! i just simply loved the clear blue sky and the magnificent building of Natural History museum. I miss both already..:'( (now the weather is already cold, dull and gloomy. Sejuk, brrr..!!)

We stayed there until Zafri awaked and Babah finished his work. Babah and Zafri also enjoyed the crowds. After having some chips and juice, we took bus to go to Bayswater to eat and pray at Malaysian Hall canteen. Afterwards we managed strolling at Kensington Gardens and played at Princess Diana Memorial Park until it closed.

Phewww, all have done in a day! It's so tiring but always satisfying..we really enjoyed ourselves..the most important thing that my kids were happy. Alhamdulillah. :)


εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Bestnye dapat jalan2 walaupon seharian kan izu..janji anak2 happy

siti natrah said...

wah bestnyer....semoga suatu hari ti boleh ker sana..

rostina76 said...

3 happy kids + tired mommy. heheh what a wonderful day. enjoy