Friday, November 7, 2014

Half-Term Break: V & A Museum


Finally, we minus Babah managed to visit Victoria & Albert museum during half-term break last week. Babah did not joined us as he got to finish his experiment at the lab..poor Babah. Hopefully, Babah will finish it soon. Amin...!

Like other museums such as Natural History and British Science museum, V & A museum's admission is also free. Best, kan! So we did not want to miss visiting it.

At the entrance, we were given a pamphlete about children current activity held in the museum. There were quite number of activities that were interesting to join in.

First we decided to watch a children theatre as we have never experienced it before. It was only 25 minutes performance but it was more than enough. Kids cepat boring, kan? Almost at the end ramai dah main naik turun tangga theatre hall tu including my kids :D but the theatre was not bad at all. The performer pandai attract the kids' attention and made them participated as well ;)

After the theatre, we thought to have a lunch at a cafe inside the museum but we'd found the lunch hall on the way down to the cafe! So apalagi, buka bekallah weols. Jimat..hihihi. Mummy sempat solat zuhur lagi kt situ..alhamdulillah.

After lunchie, we visited the art and jewellery gallery but it's not too long. Zafri dah boring, ngantuk and start merengek tak nak duduk dalam stroller. Uncontrollable for i decided to make a move and that's end of our museum tour that day.

In conclusion, V & A museum is the least attractive museum for kids. The art painting was too high for kids to see and the bare-naked scultures were too much for them. Zahin said the place was haunting, tu diaa. Dia dah la memang penakut macam mummy tak sesuai!

For adults, there are many to be seen and digested in this museum. Kene amik masa juga. Too bad i did not have a chance to see the royal bridal wedding dress and Islamic section. Huhu maybe next time with Babah plak or when the kids get shaa Allah kalau ada rezeki dan panjang umur. Amin..! :))

Next, we planned to go to Hyde Park but we skipped it as soon as we saw the ice rink at Natural History Museum's compound. Wee! The girls squealed in delight and begged me to go there hihi.

Ok Will share about it in the next shaa Allah.


Bunda a.k.a KN said...


Salam ukhuwah dari BUNDA....

εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Bestkan, tapi mmg sometimes anak2 cepat bosan. Klu anak haza dah lari kuar dr stroller.. Hehehe