Friday, October 31, 2014

Autumn 2014


Autumn has been good so far. The view and surroundings are beautiful, masya Allah. The leaves already turned into a golden colour and scattered on the ground..subhanallah

It's a school holiday now. We spent most of the time at home while Babah has been busy at the lab. But two days ago, after Babah came back we all went to Victoria Park as it was sunny. So we did not want to miss it

The park looked so gorgeous with shades of colours hence we took pictures. Kids were also happily running and crunching on the leaves. What a precious moment..we're gonna miss Autumn soon

Lastly, hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

Ps. i had undergone a surgical management (lbh krg DnC) to remove tissue in my womb due to miscarriage thursday last week. According to doc, it's a short and safe surgery if there's no complication.

it would be just around 15 minutes and I'll be awaked after half an hour BUT I only woke up after 4 hours! Allahu Akbar...i lost words as soon as i looked at my watch. I hope it's taken as Kifarah for all the sins i've done before. Huhu Only Allah knows how thankful i am to be alived..*cry*

Salam Maal Hijrah 1436. May this new year brings goodness, happiness and success to all of us. Amin..


Norma NML said...

cantik je tengok view daun2 kering berguguran..kalau kat Msia dah kena sapu @ sedut dah semua tu..hehe

AMIIZAA said...

salams isha,

cantik sangat:)
and take care ya...:)

εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Cantik autumn!

Ooo izu dah buat D&C ye.. Xpe ade rezeki lain sok. Pengalaman haza pulak lepas wake up dari c-zer (full bius) rasa sakit teramat mcm dihiris2, rupanye epidural only dekat superficial. Mmg ngeri. Sakit potong bersalin mcm mane :(

Yong Is My Name said...

Salam Izu,

sorry for the news..
& sorry lama tak singgah sini..
insyaAllah ada hikmah disebalik sesuatu..
Take care dear..