Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Best Summer Ever


Since this might be the last Summer for us, we have been enjoyed it to the fullest. Thankfully, summer this year was the best that we've ever had so far. The sun came out brightly, the weather was warm and the day was beautiful through the whole season. Some days were even gorgeous! Look at the pic below, don't you love the blue skies and white clouds? I do! ^_^

We managed to watch the changing guards event at Buckingham Palace with our good friends somewhere in August. If our friend didn't invite us to go with them I'm not sure when will we have our chance again. Thank you abg Din and kak Aza! :)

To go to this event, you are advised to check the event's schedule first. It can be cancelled due to bad weather. Also go early in the morning so you can find a spot which have a clear view of the event. From the review, the best spot is at the top step of the fountain area in front of Buckingham Palace. But from my experience, i think the best spot is actually at the gate and only if you are the most front! Huhu..

The kids were happy too! As long as they were with their bffs they were happy enough. 

The weather is important, it really influenced the mood hehe.

This year got a chance to see roses at Hampton Court Palace. Lovely roses and loved the fragrance at the garden. :)

Such beautiful memories in London!

I thank Allah for all the blessings that He has given to us from good health, great seasons, new friends, enough bounty and endless love. We couldn;t thank Him enough but hopefully we will try to become good caliphs in this world and the hereafter. Amin!

 Goodbye Suumer..Till we meet again! 


Farikica said...

Happy summer..yaayy!!! I have a photo take at exactly the same spot as yours. Yg red phone booth kat HRC tu....haha

AMIIZAA said...

salams isha,

seronoknyaaa duduk sana:)

kak mieja tunggu anak-anak besar baru nak round uerope:)

εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Cantik... Izu nak balik ke msia dah ye?.. Welcome back

Nadine said...

Tgk gamba pun dah tau, mmg best! :)