Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Weekend Getaway


First of all thank you who have kindly wished, prayed and motivated me. I'm feeling much healthier physically and emotionally than before. I am truly touched with your kindness and I really appreciate all. May Allah bless you always dearies.:')

Anyway, our dearest Iris had requested to go on caravan holiday again before going back to Malaysia for good. So Babah had booked one for us at Ashcroft Coast Holiday Park in Kent last month through The Sun Holiday. ;)

Since Kent is just an hour away driving from London, we proceed with the plan as we promised the kids though I'm supposed to confine myself..

But for the sake of kids, we glad we made it. And i think it was much needed for me too. I longed for vacation :D

Most of the time i stayed inside the caravan while hubby took kids out to the indoor swimming pool, shop and playground even though it was raining. The kids had so much fun! :))

As for our caravan, all looked new except there was no TV hehe but we survived as we brought laptop! ;) And we slept in the living area because there was no heater as well in the room! ( not installed yet perhaps) but that's no a biggie.

The heater at the living area was functioning and we brought extra duvet too. It warm enough especially for me. Sapu minyak herbanika panas (NR), urut2 sket bg keluar angin, pakai socks and sweater dok dlm duvet. Tido, Heaven! :D

Finally, thank you so much Babah for this weekend getaway and who did almost everything from cooking, washing and cleaning up. You're the best, we love you so much! :x



εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Pengalaman yg best tu.. Selalu je berangan ber caravan kat negara ongputih... Kikiki

sitiezahim said...

Caravan mmg sejuk kan... Huhu

AMIIZAA said...

Salams isha,

seronok tgk anak2:)
takziah & take care ya....

rostina76 said...

masyaALLAH izu…sorry to hear abt ur miscarriage. ape ada rezeki ALLAH bg lagi. take good care ye izu. btw elok jugak jejalan hilangkan stress ni. muah for the kids!!