Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kensington Gardens


It has been already few times we took kids to Kensington Gardens. Reason being, it is the nearest park within walking distance from Imperial College London and also Bayswater. Not only the kids love going there,  but we adults love it too. :D

So from the previous post, after taking pictures at Royal Albert Hall, me and Zafri crossed the busy road towards Queen's Gate, Kensington Gardens. But worry not, we only crossed when the traffic light turn green for pedestrian. ;D

Queen's Gate, Kensington Gardens. 

Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens from afar

Yay, i'm free now 

A nice cafe to eat sandwich and have a drink for a short break
It was such a big relief for me when entering the park. It was much more peaceful. Hehe. And i quickly released Zafri from his stroller because i knew it was already safe for him to walk and run around the area. And FYI, actually cycling is not allowed in the park for safety reason. So thoughtful, right? 

Hi i'm here, Doggie! :P

I wanna dance on the grass, Mommy..:P

Can we go there, Mommy? :)

Kensington Gardens at the end of Winter..most of trees were still leafless..but the view was still beautiful, subhanallah. :)

Come quickly, mommy..:P

Kensington Palace ;)

My dream came true when i saw Kensington Palace in front of my eyes. If we were lucky, we might bump into Kate Middleton and Prince George. :P 

But in my dreams only! hehe. Since there are benches provided along the path so i thought to rest our feet for a while. But my active boy would not let me, he wanted to have a walk again. Tsk! 

Amik gambar dulu

friendly girl vs anti-social boy :P

Let's go mommy

Ok, take my picture now :D

Welcome to Kensington Palace, mommy . Ngeee...Lol

the back of the palace

visitor's entrance
At first, i thought to visit Kensington Palace and entered from the visitor's entrance with other visitors. But then Zafri ran off and went outside the palace. So i just gave in, i was sure that he would be boring inside and i would not enjoyed touring the palace if he got cranky and made a scene. So i kinda missed it. Well, maybe next shaa Allah. :)

sedapnya dia lepak kt luar ni

Kensington Palace front

the compound of the palace is so neat and well-kept :)
Kensington Palace is the former home of  late Princess Diana and now is a royal residence of  Prince Willian and Kate Middleton as well as Prince George ;)

A Statue of Queen Victoria

Round Pound in front of Kensington Palace. :)
One more place in Kensington Gardens that i always wanted to go and see was Round Pound. But unfortunately the fence was built around it, a little bit frustrated there but there must be a reason behind it like a safety issue so i tried to chill back. :P 

Since by that time we were already hungry so we took out our snack like chocolates and juice and that's enough to give us some energy before taking a proper lunch. :)

Anyway, we went near to the fence to take pictures of the birds and ducks in the pond and on the ground. They were so many of them and they were gorgeous. :)

Hello Gorgeous!

Pretty birds 

my happy boy!
happy and good mood sampai tolong tolak stroller seniri. hehe

so lively and so lovely

Daffodils starting to bloom is a sign that Spring will be arrived soon. .wonderful!! ^^

If you would like to know more about Kensington Gardens and its attractions, you can google about it or simply click here. ;)

That's all for now. Wassalam...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

South Kensington, London


In last February, I managed to tagged my other half to his college with Zafri. Zahin and Iris were at school since it was not a school holiday so it was just the three of us in this trip. But hopefully they know that deep in my heart i wished they were there with us..:)

Anyway, welcome to one of the elite and elegant neighborhoods in the city of London! 

Firstly, from Seven Kings station, we took national railway train to Stratford station. Then we took central line underground train (tube) to Mile End station. Next we took District line to South Kensington station. After peak hour, it is usually less crowded but not at South Kensington station, it is always busy at most of the time according to the other half . So it is better if you could avoid it during its peak hour. 

And do take note as it is a hassle for parents who bring kids and buggies at most underground station in London. There is no elevators at most of the stations. But worry not, as there are always nice and thoughtful ladies and gentlemen to help you. Usually they would politely asking if you need their help to carry the buggy together with you first and after you give them a positive response, they would quickly do it without hesitation. So do not forget to thank them at the end. ;)

Victoria & Albert Museum

Natural History Museum

Imperial College London
Hubby's College is at Exhibition road. I always loved the road because there are few main tourist attractions along the road such as Victoria & Albert museum, Natural History museum and British Science museum and all of them are free admission. Just great! 

But that day the weather was too beautiful to stay in the museum :P So after bidding a temporary goodbye with my other half before he makes his way quickly to his college, i took time at my pleasure slowly strolling down the road while pushing Zafri in his stroller to go sightseeing. Fefeeling Londoners sangat! Lol 

Even though I amnot from an architecture background but i am very impressed with all the architecture of most of the buildings along the way. I bet you all are impressed too, right? :D

Anyway if you come to London, you would not want to miss all the attractions at South Kensington including The Royal Albert Hall. It is a must! The architecture and the detailing of the building would make you speechless. :)

The Royal Albert Hall

Then across the Royal Albert Hall is the famous Kensington Garden. So I took Zafri there as a treat for being a good boy and sitting behaviorally in his stroller. Hehe I believe he also had a good time sightseeing that day, just like me. :D

Okay hopefully you have enjoyed all the pics. Till we meet in the next entry. Wassalam....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Down Memory Lane at Epping Forest


Three years ago, we were here. That time Zafri was still in my womb and now, he's big and running already! Hehe. 

This time we did not go boating like last time. Babah had offered though..but I just felt not confident to go boating while wearing abaya. Hehehe..

After all we just went punting in Cambridge last year. It's much the same with boating..:D

Anyway, seeing those pretty creatures in the lake were already fascinating for kids. Hehe. And i agree and it was so peaceful watching them cruising the lake. ::)

Then we settled ourselves at this spot nearby the lake and took out our snacks. We brought some breads as well to feed the ducks. The kids were really looking forward to this activity.

Once they started throwing the bread crumbs into the water, not only ducks but the beautiful swan also came towards the 'food'. The seemed very hungry!.

Then we noticed that the pigeons were also eyeing and trying to get the 'food' in the water. :D So Zahin, Iris and Zafri fed them too but on the ground of course! hehe..

And they went back and forth feeding between the ducks and the swan in the lake and the pigeons..the birds were really hungry, they seemed non-stop eating. Poor little things..

Feeding those birds made Zahin, Iris and Zafri hungry too. Haha so they had some crisps and orange juice that we bought earlier at ASDA..

While they were having fun, happily running around and chasing the pigeons, Babah and Mummy enjoyed the scenery and took many pictures of them and others around the place. We both also enjoyed ourselves. :)

See, we really had fun and love Epping Forest!! ^_^

We simply love all the greens that surrounded us..and the cleanliness too! Masya Allah..So before we leave, we made sure that we do not litter the place. :)

Well, that's all. Another quality and bonding time session with my family and the nature..Alhamdulillah..May Allah bless us always and make us a better Khalifah day to day..amin! :)