Monday, June 22, 2015



It is the fifth day of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah so far, so good. Hope all of you are doing well too! :)

I am having a quiet time to myself. I just shut myself from all the social network at the moment. I just have to do some pondering and replanning on alot of things. But i can't help to share things in this blog. :D

This morning, Zafri woke up wanting his strawberry milk. After having two cups of it he went back to our bedroom. I lied down and joined beside him.

Suddenly, he said " Your first name is Mummy, right? Your second name is aunty Izu and then Mak Long".

Hehe i can't help to giggle. And i said "Yes and i have a real name too remember? What is my real name?" I asked him.

Unfortunately he forgot. He thought Izu is my name. So i told him my real name and he finally remembered it and instantly said "you have many names, Mummy!" LoL

Then he proudly told me that he only got two names. He spontaneously said "my first name is Zafri and my second name is Izzafri Hisham!" LoL

This boy is always cheeky! And he always make our day! :)

Afterwards he joined a pretend play with Iris. Iris brought her favourite red blanket that she got from Emirates airlines. She asked me to tie it around her neck and make it hooded as she wanted to be like a red riding hood. Fine.

But the funny was Zafri also asked me to do the same and brought his green blanket that he also got from Emirates airlines. And slumberly said i wanna be a GREEN RIDING HOOD!"

Hahaha clever boy, masya Allah! :D

This lil boy is not only cheeky but funny too! Sometimes its hard to get mad at..but sometimes only laa. :D

Lastly i love watching when the other half always loves to kiss and cuddle him who is still sleeping every morning before he off to work. He still called him 'Baby' too. L.O.V.E and All Praise be to Allah..

Ok enuff said. Happy fasting, darlings wherever you are! :)

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nurbijen said...

Zafri is always cheeky as usual...
Makin panjang akal dia...
sweet aje aunty bayangkan...