Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September Comes Early


Huhu I feel so bad looking at this abandoned blog of mine. :D

How come it is already in the mid of September...?! sigh. I have so many things to share but yet so little time to do so. :(

Anyway, this morning we went to GH as Iris have appointment with a doctor. No Athma attack since last ward admission. Alhamdulillah, the doctor was also satisfied after checking her progress. So another appointment will be in three months. :)

Well, actually the school is closed due to the haze, since the AIR is already in 'not healthy' stage. Hence, Zahin jusy stayed home with Zafri while us taking Iris to GH. They were fine when we came home afternoon. No drama air mata! Good...Hihi

Last but not least, my sister had finally tied the knot with her beloved fiance last saturday. So happy for her!! I could not believe that my lil sister already got married, really. Hehe.

Thankfully, the wedding ceremony went smoothly that day. We were touched to see many guests coming even though in hazy day. May Allah bless them all...:)

Lastly, all of us are looking forward to going to Terengganu for the wedding receptions on the groom side this coming weekend. Can't wait!! :D

May Allah protect us in our journey to Terengganu and pray so that the event will be as smooth and successful as ours...in shaa Allah, ameen!



nurbijen said...

Selmat pengantin baru for you sister...
Semoga berbahagia sokmo...

Wah, bakal beripar dengan orang Teganu...
Ala, akak kat UK lagi ni...
Kalau tak, boleh juga kita berjumpa mata :)

ishamizu said...

Tq kak Nur! :)